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Jun 29, 2017 Release

By Andrew
Jun 29, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read

Portal tab becomes Apps! Why? Because OfficeR&D is introducing two more member applications – a mobile app and a meeting room tablet view. The Apps tab accommodates the configuration options for all OfficeR&D member applications.

We’re excited to introduce the first version of the OfficeR&D mobile app as well as enable you to display each meeting room availability on a mobile device.

But that is not all we’ve done this week…

Tentative bookings are another important bit that we were missing. Now, if a member calls you up to reserve a meeting room, you can create a tentative booking, which can later be confirmed or discarded.

Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • Meeting rooms tablet view – One of the most requested features until today. A meeting room view, which you can run on a tablet and display on each meeting room door so your visitors can see the availability right there on the spot. Isn’t that cool?

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 17.17.40

  • Tentative bookings – Admins can now create tentative bookings. These are unconfirmed bookings which you can later discard or issue a fee for. You can create such bookings by checking the Tentative checkbox in the booking dialog.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.24.53

  • You can configure automated emails to remind members of overdue invoices.
  • Space owners can now disable teammates to access to certain modules.
  • Checkins report is now available for companies and members.
  • Events and notifications support multi-line text.
  • Teammates grid is now sortable.
  • Invoices can be filtered by billing period.
  • Desks under Space/Desks can be filtered by ‘not on the floorplan’.
  • A locations summary information is available under Space/Locations.
  • The Receptionist role is now able to add one-off fees.
  • Booking dialog UI is optimized for better booking experience.
  • You can now define the order in which plans are displayed on the sign-up page in the Members Portal.
  • You can use rich text to add billing plan description.
  • Booking credits are aligned with the calendar month and grouped by type and period.


  • Refunded invoices are counted as Unpaid in the Portal.
  • Individuals are unable to book meeting rooms.
  • Credits are applicable to all resources instead of meeting rooms only.
  • Timezone issue when displaying bookings in the portal.
  • Location selector UI glitches in the Portal.
  • Multiple fixes on passes and checkins and how those are calculated.