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June 29th, 2020 Release

Jun 29, 2020 ∙ 4 mins read

The summer is already here (Sorry, Australia and New Zeland, winter for you 😉 ) but releases are not getting any vacations and new BIG features are coming out every week. For the summary for just the last 3 weeks is

We released:

  • Inbox section in the Member Mobile App
  • Option for Separate Credit Notes and Overpayment Number Templates
  • Ability to Edit Invoiced Bookings
  • Responsiveness of the Member Portal 2.0

We improved:

  • Big overall performance boost
  • Much faster loading of contracts, memberships and bookings pages

We Fixed:

  • More than 50 bugs which we resolved


Inbox Section in the Mobile App

With the latest release of the RnD Connect App and the Premium Mobile Apps your members will have an Inbox section at their disposal in the main navigation of the app. In the inbox, each member can see notifications he/she has received for posts, events, etc. and messages from the admins sent from the Collaboration Section in the Admin Platform.

Inbox in App

Option for Separate Credit Notes and Overpayment Number Templates

Many of you shared the feedback that Credit Notes and Overpayments should have their separate Number Templates and sequences. This was important for multiple reasons from legal requirements, to confusing gaps in the Invoices numbering sequence because of other types of documents, etc.
With this new feature, you have the option to decide if each or both Credit Notes and Overpayments should have their own numbering template and sequence. This configuration can be found in Settings -> Billing -> “Separate Credit Note/Overpayment template” checkboxes.
The templates, dynamic tokens, properties restarting the numbering sequence, etc. work identically to how the current Invoice template work.

Screenshot of Billing Settings

Ability to Edit Invoiced Bookings

This has been one of the highest requested improvements for the bookings module. The ability to change the properties which don’t impact the price for invoiced bookings has so may use cases, most probably there is no need for us to list them 🙂
With this release, you will be able to change the Title, Description, Preparation Time, any bookings custom properties and invite guests of bookings that are already invoiced. For the moment this is possible for admins in the admin platform. It is in our plans to allow members to do such edits too through the Member Portal and Mobile App.

Edit Booking Dialog

Responsiveness of the Member Portal 2.0

After we rebuild the Member Portal from the ground up to deliver the best member experience we are also committed to delivering much better responsiveness than what we had in version 1.0. With that release, we are starting this and will keep improving upon it continuously.


Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • Notifications about changes in contracts’ stages were being sent to the user’s email instead of the member’s email
  • Sometimes the API’s contracts POST endpoint was throwing error 500 when an invalid team is provided
  • In rare cases, Companies weren’t automatically invoiced by the automatic billrun
  • When personal membership with one-off fees was moved to another member this wasn’t moving the one-off fees
  • When a member was assigned to a Resource from a signed contract, there was an unexpected error about day passes
  • The option to add leading zeros to the invoicing numbers temporary couldn’t be set
  • When opening a ticket in the Member Portal 2.0 the old navigation was displayed
  • Changing or removing the company from a member that has personal membership wasn’t recalculating the status of the company
  • Bookings created on the daylight saving date were created with one hour offset for specific timezones
  • Invoices couldn’t be generated when a standalone member with applied membership was moved to a company
  • Sometimes a wrong Fee date was shown in the admin platform.
  • The Rooms details window in Member Portal 2.0 was cutting the text of the meeting room description
  • Couldn’t update the Member (assignee) of a Membership once it has been invoiced
  • The responsiveness of the RnD Rooms app in portrait mode was sometimes problematic
  • Rooms with no end date availability set were filtered out from the calendar
  • A membership with one-off fees moved to another member didn’t move the one-off fees
  • Changing the CC type wasn’t triggering an update of the processing fees when you edit the invoice
  • When adding a personal payment details in the Member Portal 2.0 the name of company was displayed instead of the name of the member
  • The API for GET already deleted booking/non-existing booking/ invalid id was returning 500
  • The combination of any 2 filters in Community/Members wasn’t filtering correctly
  • Setting up a PlacePay payment details from the Member Portal 2.0 was returning error 404.
  • Full Day option wasn’t applied automatically when you change the filter on the member portal calendar
  • Show Room Details wasn’t applied automatically when you change the filter on the member portal calendar
  • The Top Bar in the Member Portal 2.0 was looking broken when there is no Logo applied
  • You were able to start two concurrent syncs for the same invoices
  • Custom properties weren’t included in the export for members for a brief moment
  • Sometimes long Organization’s titles were problematic on some pages
  • Changing the name of ‘How to guides’ wasn’t reflecting in the Member Portal 2.0
  • The  One-Off Fees export in Member/Company profiles page wasn’t always working correctly
  • Updating recurrent booking with an exact count of occurrences was multiplying the booking recurrence as much as the default count was, instead of recalculating the rest
  • Couldn’t update recurrent booking which has an exception booking
  • Editing a booking with preparation slot was automatically removing the preparation slot
  • Sometimes admins couldn’t delete fees even if they are without invoices
  • Syncing payment integration Authorize.net was failing for a large number of members

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.