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June 5th, 2018 Release

Jun 5, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

It’s always great to start the week with a new release. We worked hard on major new version of our Meeting Room Tablet Displays. They look so much better now, don’t they? Also, you can configure the interface in greater detail using the custom code options of the portal.

Note: In order to get the updated version, you need to manually refresh the tablets. This won’t be needed in the future as they will then get the new versions automatically.

What’s coming next here is to make these native iOS and Android apps as well as adding some more functionality, such as ‘End Meeting Early / Extend’, ‘Book Now’ as well as ‘Check-in / Check-out’ so you can autorelease if not checked in a certain timeframe.

Another big improvement is related to the Payments – now you can configure some integrations to send the invoices for collection ‘X number of days’ before the Due date so they can clear up by the Due date. This is especially important for Direct Debit providers as they need at least few days in order to collect the payments. The new option is available under the Integrations’ specific configuration, for example, GoCardless or Bottom-line PTX.

We also continued the effort to improve the electronic terms acceptance, now you can specify if you want all terms to be split into separate checkboxes.

We introduced new Payment Gateway option too, called Omise. It is another great option to collect automated payments in Asia.

Here is what else we released today:


  • New look and feel of the meeting room displays
  • Improve invoice numbering template
  • Ability to send invoices for charge X days before the Due Date (important for Direct Debit)
  • Revenue report by location – the ability to group the revenue report not by account but also by location
  • Terminated contracts should show the Termination date and reason
  • Allow charging memberships for more than one month during checkout
  • Integrate with Omise Payment Gateway
  • Ability to separate some legal documents into separate checkboxes during sign up


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • When creating a new invoice, the custom properties are lost if you select/change company or change invoice Period after you put value in the field – we should preserve value of custom properties
  • Import Fees doesn’t update the discounted price of Fees when the price is taken from the CSV
  • Occupancy Interval report does not respect individual office desk assignments
  • Meeting Room Tablet App doesn’t respect the Booking privacy setting in Calendar & Bookings
  • Filtering by office / location does not work in the opportunities page
  • Importing bookings triggers email notifications
  • Change language drop-down in members portal and click Update profile – reset the language to the previous value of the drop-down
  • When updating fees without a plan the dialog gets broken in some cases
  • Custom Member Wall Pages get incorrectly filtered on the portal in some cases
  • Available rooms are not displayed in the checkout flow when they have recurring bookings
  • Automated checkins from Kisi are failing in some cases