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March 2017 Release

Mar 21, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read

March has been huge for OfficeR&D in terms of new customers, new features, and new team members.

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the new license agreement and event management modules while working on a major new feature: OfficeR&D now has the capability to run Multiple Xero and QuickBook accounts in a single OfficeR&D account. We also gave the community portal a facelift, rolled out a sophisticated new Occupancy Report and added a new hotdesk booking system!

Multiple Xero & QuickBooks accounts

From the very beginning, we designed OfficeR&D to be well suited for multi-site organizations. Keeping that goal in mind, we have now extended our accounting integrations to support multiple accounts, connected to the same space. For example, if you have 3 locations that are accounted into 2 different Xero / QB organizations, you can now easily set this up in OfficeR&D. Members being assigned to a location in OfficeR&D will be invoiced through the corresponding accounting organization.

Hotdesk Booking

OfficeR&D now offers a specific hotdesk booking flow. For example, if a member has a day pass and wants to book a desk prior to showing up, they can now easily do this via their Members portal. To enable this feature, you need to:

  • Setup hotdesks in the Backend and set the privacy options;
  • Enable the Hotdesk Bookings feature from Portal / Features.
  • Go to your community portal page and check the Hotdesks tab in the menu.

Note: This is our MVP (minimum viable product). Stay tuned for more. Your feedback is more than welcomed.

Members Portal Dashboard

We released a significant facelift of our Dashboard along with few new and improved widgets. We’ll let the picture speak for itself.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Occupancy Report – the occupancy report shows the related members and periods for specific office;
  • Permissions – we changed the permissions and roles in OfficeR&D. You can read more here.
  • Invoice email attachment – you can now specify in Settings / Invoicing if the invoice pdf should be attached in the email along with the invoice link.
  • Membership Name – You can set a name when adding a membership. This is very handy when you have similar products at different prices, like Private Offices. You should create only one ‘Office plan’ and then when you make memberships, just change the name or relate it to an office, which will pull the office price.
  • Private Office Price / Deposit – as part of the previous change, you can now set a price and deposit directly on the Office.
  • Contract Improvements – you can now add services to the contracts.
  • Export – an export button was added on almost every screen so you can easily export all of your data in well designed CSV format.
  • Member Billing Date – you can now set individual billing dates.
  • Status improvements – we fixed how we calculate the default statuses based on the products your members have.
  • And many more smaller fixes and improvements.

In the next few weeks, you may expect multiple new updates and fixes. Check our roadmap to stay updated.

Managing a shared workspace shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?