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March 26th, 2018 Release

Mar 26, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

This time, for a change, we pushed a few smaller releases and focused our efforts on addressing issues you reported and improving the stability and usability of the platform. There is more to come on that front, and although I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I’ll just mention – better navigation, new chat channel, direct search in the OfficeR&D Knowledge Base from within the admin portal, and more…

We’re also improving the Members Portal and we’re cooking up a localization feature so that you can run the portal in your native language (if that’s not English I mean).

Until those are available, here are the highlights of this release:

Search Resource

Quickly find resources by type, floor they are located on and availability dates in the new Search Resources page under Space.


Plan Privacy on the Members Portal

Control if a plan can be purchased by a Contact Person or all team members on the members portal using the new setting available in Portal tab of every plan editor.


Here is the complete list of new features and fixes shipped in this release.


  • The Meeting Rooms calendar on the admin and members portals now displays a scroller when the number of meeting rooms on the view is larger.
  • We exposed a new property in the Contract and Invoice templates called locationId. This property allows you to add different bank details or addresses on the invoice and contract documents based on the location of the member the document is targeting.
  • We have also improved the Settings/Import view to be simplified and guide you through the import process more seamlessly.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Cannot add an existing member who has invoices to an existing company.
  • Cannot detach line items from Voided invoices.
  • Occupancy report shows zeros for the revenue and shows incorrect period dates in some cases.
  • Cannot book a paid meeting room from the Members Portal if you don’t have payment details as the system doesn’t allow you to add your payment details in the booking form.
  • Cannot cancel an instance of a recurring booking from the Members Portal in some cases.
  • Cannot export private offices, desks and custom resources in a CSV file from the Space module.
  • Paid recurring bookings don’t get accounted properly when invoiced in some cases.
  • The size, deposit and plan price does not change in contracts when the initially selected office or plan is changed.
  • When the Payment Method of an invoice is Auto, the invoice PDF always displays Bank Transfer. It should instead display Auto.
  • OfficeDesk occupancy report is not correct.
  • Meeting rooms were sometimes not being displayed on the members and admin portals.
  • The summary of a canceled recurring booking is displaying misleading information.
  • When you filter members in Apps/Users and select all, the system doesn’t select just the filtered members but all existing members.
  • The QuickBooks integration settings for the Private Note and Statement Memo names are outdated.
  • Disable adding negative one-off fees.