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03-04/2020: New Member Portal, Mobile Apps & Video Rooms

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Apr 28, 2020|3 mins read 1

In March and April, we delivered a new Members Portal 2.0, redesigned our Mobile Member Apps, and introduced Video Rooms. There are numerous small fixes and improvements that won’t be mentioned here but are already working so you can have a better and more stable platform. In this post, you will find a summary of the last two months.

We released:

  • The Member Portal 2.0
  • The Member Mobile App 2.0 (RnD Connect & White-labeled apps)
  • Video Rooms in the Member Portal
  • Notification to Admins About Members Removing Saved Payment Details
  • Location, Plan and Status filter in Direct Messaging of Members
  • Bulk Discount in Manual Bill Run
  • Option to Make Product field in the new One-off Fee dialog mandatory
  • Option to Make Member field in the New Bookings dialog mandatory
  • Draft Invoices in a separate grid
  • Check-in/out public API

We improved:

  • KISI Integration Configuration
  • Major Performance Improvement:
    • Members and Companies grids are paged now and load much faster
    • Invoices grids are paged now and load much faster
    • Many Infrastructure improvements which make the platform more resilient and faster
  • Statements of Account improvements
  • Forte Payment Gateway new API supported

We Fixed:

  • More than 100 bugs which we resolved

New Member Apps

We recently released the new version of our main member apps – the web Member Portal and the Mobile App. We’ve also created a separate blog post presenting all the cool and new functionalities of the member apps. Don’t miss to check it out! πŸ™‚

OfficeRnD mobile coworking app

Video Rooms

With the COVID-19 lockdown all around the world, our team wanted to give you one more way to keep engaging your community and bring them together “in” your space. We introduced an initial beta version for integration with web video conferencing software which allows you to have rooms where your members can hang out and chat. You can read more about the Video Rooms.

Video Rooms OfficeRnD

Notification to Admins About Members Removing Saved Payment Details

Now you the platform will send you an email every time a member removes a personal or a company saved payment detail of any kind. This can help you manage the revenue collecting better and pro-actively work with clients who have changes in their payment details.

We are soon also releasing the option of limiting members removing their last saved payment details from their profile.

Location, Plan and Status filter in Direct Messaging of Members

Communicating with members, especially now during COVID-19, is super important for the community managers. We introduced a new feature that allows you to send mass direct messages to different segments of your community filtered by Location, Plan, and Status.

Bulk Discount in Manual Bill-Run

Last month many spaces decided to give a discount to their members. Using this feedback we introduced a new option in the Manual Bill-Run, where now you can apply a discount amount in bulk for all invoices that are being generated.

Option to Make Product and Member Fields Mandatory

Now you can make the Product field in New One-off dialog and the Member field in the New Booking dialog mandatory for admins creating Fees and Bookings. This helps you make sure this information is captured if this is an essential part of your process.

Draft Invoices in a Separate Grid

There are a few situations when the system generates invoices and some of them will require admin approval. In such cases, these invoices are created as Drafts. Until now they were visualized together with all other invoices and it was hard to notice and find them. Now, these invoices will be listed in a separate grid on top of the Invoices page and you will be able to act on them right away.

New Public API Endpoints

We introduced public API endpoints for Check-in/outs, which can help you if you are building your own integration which works with check-in. You can read more about it in the API documentation.

Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


We fixed more than 100 bugs in this period. A detailed list of them will be added to this article soon.

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback. Also, if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to share them in our Community Portal.

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