Payment Gateways for Coworking – Cardconnect Recap of GCUC 2017 in New York City

May 12, 2017 Release

By Andrew
May 15, 2017 ∙ 1 min read


  • Members portal load-up time is significantly improved.
  • Members Portal sign-up wizard is extended to:
    • Allow you to define a team size and provide the names and emails of all team members.
    • Allow you to purchase up to 30 memberships in a single sign-up.
  • Members Portal Events:
    • Event template displays the event location.
    • Event image and header are hyperlinks opening the event URL.
    • Events are sorted by date.


  • VAT amounts rounding for multi-line invoices is fixed to match accounting software rounding mechanism.
  • Send correctly grouped invoice lines to the accounting software for invoices with similar items.
  • During automated bill-runs, pro-rated invoices, generated as drafts, are no longer sent to customers.
  • The selection of a private office in the floor plan is now properly indicated.
  • The sign-up button is visible on the public calendar page only if public sign-ups are enabled.
  • Drop-in and non-members status is now properly applied when signing up through the Members Portal.
  • Small fixes in the day passes sharing mechanism.