Payment Gateways for Coworking – Cardconnect Recap of GCUC 2017 in New York City

May 19, 2017 Release

May 19, 2017 ∙ 1 min read


  • Admins are now able to post notification messages to the Members portal
  • Address and Billing Details added to the Create Company dialog.

Address BillingDetails

  • Enabled direct debit setup with CardConnect ACH.
  • Address and Billing Details can be edited when creating a new contract.
  • Ability to set meeting room size. Displayed in both the members portal and the admin portal.


  • Improved visualization of custom properties in the members and companies profile pages.
  • Members and companies with assigned invoices can no longer be removed without first removing the invoices.
  • Enabled free recurring booking for meeting rooms with resource rate set.
  • Creating recurring bookings and adding guests is not allowed from the public calendar.
  • LinkedIn profile now properly update the bio details in the member description.
  • Improved check-ins history in the admin portal to remove duplicate entries.
  • Enable admins to associate day-passes when checking in active members.
  • Fixed send notification disabled functionality when updating recurring bookings.
  • Fixed Import bookings button navigation under Settings->Calendar.
  • Fixed export of floor plans.
  • Fixed merchants showing in the CardConnect configuration window.