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May 2016 Release

May 30, 2016 ∙ 1 min read

Major update that features benefits management, community tags management (skills & industries), new members onboarding page, calendar improvements, plans improvements and so much more.

Members portal

  • Members Onboarding – new signup page that makes the members onboarding as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Benefits Management – highlight the benefits that you provide for the community, i.e. discounts, promos, local shops and more.
  • Tags Management – enable your members to manage their skills and let them search by tags, industries, etc.
  • Custom Fields – enable your members to add custom data to their profiles with free-text or pre-defined values.
  • Calendar Improvements – major UI improvement of calendar plus lots of new little functions.
    • Recurring bookings – enable your members to book meeting rooms on recurring basis.

Members Onboarding

Admin portal

  • Plans improvements  – we completely redefined our recurring plans & products structure.
    • Recurring plans – you can define the recurrence of the plans.
    • One-off fees – you can add single, one-off fee and charge your members.
    • Sign up fees – you can now add one or many fees when a member signs up.
  • Payment Gateways – we added new gateways and improved the others
    • Stripe Credit cards & ACH – collect online payments through Stripe
    • GoCardless – collect direct debits in Europe with GoCardless
  • Multiple improvements, Performance optimizations and etc.