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May 23rd, 2018 Release

May 23, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read
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Another release went out today and it continues the legal documents story by allowing you to create different versions of your ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘House Rules’. It is important to note that as soon as you bump the version of your legal documents targeting members on the portal, all members will be prompted to accept the revised version of your terms the next time that they log in. (If you’re affected by the GDPR this would be the perfect time to update your legal documents targeting members to address the GDPR requirements, I’m just saying).


You can also associate different terms and conditions with the different plans you expose to members:


We’re also localizing the members portal! We support Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese. Let us know if your language is not on this list because we would need your help to add it there!


Here is what else we released today:


  • Add Accept Terms and Conditions as part of the welcome/signup flow.
  • ‘Revenue Report’ improvements
  • Improve the Booking cancellation flow in the Member portal for Free bookings
  • Ability to set resource price to all resource types that are ‘can assign’ true
  • The R&D icon should not point to ‘’ – open menu to open ‘Admin


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • The unavailable offices should not be calculated and present in the Occupancy Report.
  • An occupied office desk from a private office does not mark the office occupied in the Reports/Occupancy Report as expected.
  • Meeting rooms are color-coded in green as available on the floorplan but they should be color-coded in the meeting rooms resource color.
  • The bookingSummaryDisclaimer is not displayed to admin team members when booking rooms on the admin portal although it is displayed to members on the Members Portal.
  • Disable changing the booking credit interval length from ‘month’ to ‘once’ and vice versa.
  • Can’t assign an office desk plan on the floorplan.
  • We fixed some performance issues when deleting and terminating contracts.
  • Pro-rata calculation is not correct in some cases for the Current month length.
  • User permissions help link in Settings/MyAccount/Teammates is leading to the wrong documentation article.