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May 29th, 2020 Release

Jun 2, 2020 ∙ 3 mins read

The late-May release is here and we are really happy to share with you some new stuff in the platform

— TL;DR —

We released:

  • Push Notifications in the Premium Apps (white-labeled)
  • Credits Page in the Member Portal
  • New Options for the Contracts Numbering Sequence

We improved:

  • Fees lists are now paged
  • Performance improvements

We Fixed:

  • More than 30 bugs which we resolved


Push Notifications for the Mobile App

With the new version of the Premium Mobile App your members will be able to receive push notifications for new posts and events from the admins of your space. This will allow you to have a faster and more reliable communication channel with your members knowing they will be notified for your posts and events. Soon notifications for admin messages will also be available.
Push notifications can be disabled if you think this is not suitable for you.

Credits Page in the Member Portal v.2

With the new version of the Member Portal, we are dedicated to bringing new features as often as we can. One new feature is the Credits Page. This is a page where your members will be able to see detailed information on what Credits and/or Coins they have, a transaction log, and more details. This new page is available under My Profile -> Memberships -> Credits.

Credits Page in Member Portal

New Options for the Contracts Numbering Sequence

We improved the template field for the contract numbers so you can customize this even further. Now you can use the {{year}} and {{locationCode}} tokens similar to the invoice number template. Also you have the option to decide which of the tokens you use should restart the {{number}} sequence and which shouldn’t influence it.
You can find all these new additions in Settings -> Platform -> Contracts -> Number Template secttion.

Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • In rare cases, it was possible to create a double booking for a slot
  • Sometimes eZeep sync was attempting to sync members with no emails
  • Viewer and Reception role weren’t able to generate reports
  • Fees Import button was sometimes hidden behind the Support chat
  • The filtering by “inactive” for contacts wasn’t working
  • There were some missing translation keys in the new version of the Member Portal
  • Canceling an instance of a recurring booking was always applying cancellation policy
  • Adding a visitor for tomorrow adds the visitor but then it isn’t shown in the Visitor grid
  • When expand the company profile the URL and Twitter icons were missing
  • Message icon was appearing without the needed permission set
  • Charging partially an invoice from the admin platform was disregarding the amount in charge dialogue and was charging the whole amount
  • Sometimes personal membership moved to another member could be double invoiced for the same period
  • Weekly reports were sent to suspended organizations
  • Credit Cards coming from PlacePay had the incorrect month on their expiry date
  • Contract approval wasn’t working correctly if you have a custom role
  • Moving a member with a personal invoice to a new company was setting the personal invoices as company ones
  • The Pay now option in the Member Portal with Omise/Stripe integrations were not working properly
  • Sometimes trying to record an overpayment was resulting in an error
  • Send for eSign button wasn’t working with custom permissions role
  • Sometimes Moneris integration misleadingly was showing Disconnected due to faulty connectivity check
  • Contract stage notifications were sent to the user email instead of the member’s email
  • Sometimes when you assign a Member to a Resource from a Signed Contract, there was an unexpected error about passes
  • Couldn’t add leading zeros in the invoice number templates
  • Couldn’t update the Member (assignee) of a Membership once it has been invoiced

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.