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08/05/20: Social Media Links in the Member Portal

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

May 11, 2020|2 mins read 1

The first release of May allows members to easily add social media links to their profile in the Member Portal. They can add connect their Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin profiles. Also, we’ve improved the welcome wizard experience. Here’s a summary of what we did:

We released:

  • Social Media links in the Member Portal v.2
  • Welcome Wizard in the Member Portal v.2

We improved:

  • Overall performance of the system

We Fixed:

  • More than 15 bugs which we resolved

Social Media links in the Member Portal v.2

A while back most of the popular social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) changed the way apps as OfficeRnD can connect to them. As a result, the one-click buttons we had which allowed members to link their social profiles to their OfficeRnD Member Portal profile were not working anymore. Now we have introduced a way members to save a link to their social media profiles in their OfficeRnD Member Portal profile and share this information with their community.

Social Media Member Portal

Welcome Wizard in the Member Portal v.2

Now members logging in for the first time will be asked to complete their OfficeRnD Member Portal profile alongside the acceptance of terms and conditions. In this way, your community section will look and feel much more complete and most of your members will have their info submitted.

Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • The Accounts chart in Billing -> Overview wasn’t changing when setting a date filter
  • The column Signature State in the Contracts grids was missing when the eSign feature is disabled
  • Social medial links in member profiles couldn’t be removed
  • Newly created Plans (recurrent or one-off) couldn’t be deleted for a short period of time
  • The Twitter URL was acting differently when clicked than other social medias
  • The {{ payInvoiceLink }} property that is used for the Pay Now button in the email templates wasn’t working properly
  • Fixed typos in the Admin Platform
  • Exporting of invoices was exporting all invoices instead of only the selected set when the user has permissions only to part of the locations
  • The Occupancy Intervals report couldn’t be exported
  • Exporting data from Space -> Private Office was leading to an error when there is an occupied recourse
  • The slash symbol was escaped when you search for invoices, which was preventing to use it in the search query

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.

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