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May 9th, 2018 Release

May 9, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

Although team OfficeR&D was big on GCUC our engineers were busy crafting another big update of our products.

You can now create multiple legal documents, such as ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘House Rules’ and enforce all new members to agree on them before signing up or signing a contract.


Another big improvement is around Invoices export – now you have more options – such as exporting invoice summaries, invoice custom fields or export them in a format that is suitable for importing into Sage.

We also improved the automated check-ins via SaltoKS and Kisi door access control systems. As usual, we worked on the Member portal and added better Meeting room booking experience by allowing your members to search for rooms by floor, amenities or size of the conference room.


Here is what else we released today:


  • Enable the creation of multiple terms and conditions (legal documents)
  • Add plan option to allow checking in members to always use their available day passes
  • Download/Export invoices improvement
  • Add the plan code to the invoice template in the items collection
  • Implement SaltoKS automatic check-ins
  • Link the membership to the contract it is bound to
  • Member Portal – Allow for a more fine-grain meeting room filtering in the Portal – filter by floor, amenities, size, etc.
  • Member Portal – Move the Forgot Password link in the sign-in box
  • Member Portal – UI improvements when you have multiple languages


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Kisi integration should not remove access of members that were granted access manually in KISI
  • Charging an invoice via card on file triggers an automated sync even if the accounting integration is set to manual sync
  • Connect to LinkedIn account with all browsers throws an error in some cases
  • SaltoKS authentication issue in some cases
  • Custom properties with a name that contains space/symbols for team/member could not be shown in invoice/contracts templates
  • ‘Base total label’ is confusing on the invoice template
  • One-off Fees sorting by date doesn’t work for newly added fees
  • When the tax rate is set to Not Selected – create invoice is not working as expected
  • The floor selection box looks broken when location name is too large
  • Approve contract does not refresh companies page and the contract is not seen on the company’s page
  • When you sign contract from Contract page company’s pages is not refreshed and you do not see the new membership – the same is when you Terminate contract (you do not see the Membership end date until you refresh)
  • Occupancy report amount for an office is counted twice when prorating
  • Invoice export to CSV – Address, ZIP, City is not exported when billing address is the same
  • Saving an invoice while in ‘Manual bill-run’ process does not close the window and does not notify for successful operation
  • The bill-run summary is wrong when having missed memberships – it shows $0 amount
  • Export private offices fail if there is an individual moved into some of the offices
  • When change membership end date – Day Passes failed to end in KISI Integrated Space
  • Terminate a contract for contract without end date (membership and lease) – throws an error in some cases
  • Member Portal – date format is not respected in the create booking dialogs
  • Member Portal Checkout UI – From and To filter does not work when the resource is CanBook & Time

Our next release is scheduled in 2 weeks time and will be awesome. We have another set of great new features and improvements lined up for it already.