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Nov 13, 2017 Release

Nov 13, 2017 ∙ 3 mins read

Yes, it’s here a preferred payment method per company or individual member. The system uses the preferred method when automatically charging invoices and you can make it use a credit card or direct debit or make the automated charge skip a customer if they prefer paying over bank transfers. Further, you can set a payment method per invoice.

The goodies on the payment options don’t stop here. We’re introducing Ezidebit as a payment gateway and more importantly, you can now connect to your own hosted payment gateway.

There’s more. Want to make your parking space interactive? We have enabled custom resource types – we can create a floorplan resource type named Parking so you can designate parking slots on a floor plan. You can next add a plan of type Parking to your billing plans and assign it to members. Do you know where we’re going with this? You can now not only charge for parking but also assign each member on its designated slot on the parking lot. Let us know if you’d like us to enable a custom resource type in your OfficeR&D organization.

Check out everything else we have for you with this release.


  • Preferred Payment Method – Edit your member’s Billing Details to set the preferred Payment Method. This way the system will know which payment details to use when automatically charging. If your member prefers to pay via bank transfers their memberships and use their credit card details for one-offs only, set the Bank Transfer option as a Payment Method in their Billing Details and the system won’t automatically charge their monthly invoices. You can also set the Payment Method per invoice when creating or editing an invoice and have it printed out on the PDF document.
  • We continue extending your payment gateway options. You can now connect to Ezidebit or to your own in-house hosted payment gateway. Make sure to explore all Payment Gateway options available in the Settings/Integrations section.
  • Custom Resource Types – We can enable custom resource types for you – let us know what kinds you need and how you want to use them. One use case is assigning parking slots to members.
  • Facebook on the Members portal – Community members can connect their Facebook profiles to the members portal.  (“Yes, finally” – is what you’re probably thinking right now).
  • You can enable an email notification to alert you a day before your automated bill run is due. The setting is available under the Settings/Invoicing view.
  • Notify your members of the total invoice amount and its period in the email template using the {{invoicePeriod}} and {{invoiceTotalAmount}} placeholder properties in the Invoice email template under Settings/Templates.
  • The membership edit dialog includes information about the creator and the creation date of the membership.
  • New summary blocks are available on the members’ profile page and under Settings/Invoicing. You can keep track not only for the next billing period dates but also review any memberships and one-off fees that haven’t been automatically invoiced. The new summary blocks are available at the top of the profile page of every company or individual member.
  • With this release, we’re introducing improvements in the booking credits accountability when you change a credit allocation that affects existing bookings.  When removing, or reducing the number of credits that were used on bookings, you can force the system to re-account the existing bookings and create one-off fees if necessary.
  • Members can book meeting rooms more than two months in advance and if they have recurring credits, the system will not charge them until the time when the booking approaches. We’re introducing this functionality to enable you to charge members in real-time based on their latest membership status when booking slots more than 2 months in advance. If their membership is active at the time of the booking, the system will charge them in credits. Alternatively, it will issue a fee.


  • Fixes on the Members Portal meeting rooms location filter.
  • Fixes on the editing and display of the How-To Guides and billing plans sort order on the members portal.
  • Memberships/Plans in the Members Portal lists the exact names of the memberships, whereas before it listed the name of the billing plan of the membership.
  • Fixes on the creation of extras for membership and one-offs that used to result in empty one-off records in the system.
  • The import and validation of members, bookings, and fees available under Settings/Import is improved and known issues resolved.
  • The issue with the ‘Send Message‘ functionality is resolved so that you can now send a message to a few selected members under Community/Messages on the admin portal.
  • Fixed the ‘Show member’s contact details‘ functionality on the admin profile of a member. Hiding a member from the wall, now updates their profile status under Apps/Users.
  • Fixes in the GoCardless integration sync behavior.
  • Invoice rounding glitches resolved.
  • Addressed the UI glitches in the Billing/Revenue Report month columns on the admin portal.
  • The meeting room tablet view link is fixed.
  • When the Billing Date of the organization is Member Start Date, individual members billing periods are fixed to be updated in accordance with the organization billing date.