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November 18, 2020: Revamped Member Signup, New Mobile App Navigation

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Nov 18, 2020|4 mins read 1

We are thrilled to announce more revamped member tools and pages in our mid-November release. Read along for more details.:

We released:

  • Revamped Member Signup
  • Revamped Member Login
  • Revamped Mobile App Navigation
  • Personal Transactions in the AR Aging Report

We improved:

  • Security and performance improvements which assure OfficeRnD is safer and faster every day
  • The Reception App Landscape View

We Fixed:

  • More than 30 bugs which we resolved

Revamped Member Signup

We are pleased to announce that our revamped Member Signup Page is now live! It follows closely the recently released new designs of the Members Portal and Mobile App and provides the same ease of use in purchasing from the shop.Β 

The Signup Page allows you to expose some of your plans, services, and products to prospects
(non-members) of your organization. The page will automatically inherit the branding you’ve applied to the Member Portal, as well as some of the custom CSS code changes like branded fonts, style changes, etc.

OfficeRnD Member Signup

Besides the UX and Design improvements, we’ve added the following improvements to the page:

  • Location is now a separate step which removes complexity for prospects as they see the plans only for 1 locationΒ 
  • The page is fully mobile responsive, which eliminates the friction when purchasing a plan or a service from a mobile device
  • The sign-up flow is completely revamped and now has dynamic form fields validation, an easy account creation process, and a great overview of the sign-up steps

Revamped Member Login

We’ve also redesigned the Log In page that your Members use to access your Member Portal. As with the signup page, we’re closely following the style of our apps suite and have put a big focus on:

  • Branding – Showcasing your background image of choice and emphasizing your Logo
  • Shortcuts to Public Pages -> they are available both in the Login Form, as well as in the header of the page
  • Mobile Responsiveness – the form and all public pages shortcuts will be rearranged based on your Members’ device

OfficeRnD Member Login

Revamped Mobile App Navigation

Another huge improvement we’re introducing with this release is a major UX overhaul of our Mobile App’s navigation, that now comes with a few amazing features that a lot of our customers were expecting for a while. Here’s a quick outline of the improvements:

  • We’ve made the Profile Actions and Notifications even more easily accessible by moving them to the header in the app
  • We’ve redesigned page titles to accommodate the easy combination of relevant pages in tabs such as Members and Companies (Now combined under Community)
  • We’ve adopted the flat menu structure of the Member Portal, so your Members will be able to access all important pages quickly and easily switch between the context of the 2 RnD Member Apps (i.e. Member Portal and Mobile App)
  • Extra functionalities – you can now rename and reorder the pages in the Mobile App! The app inherits the naming and order you’ve already configured from your Admin Panel, so you don’t have to define your desired structure twice for the RnD Member Apps.

OfficeRnD Mobile App NavigationOfficeRnD Mobile App NavigationOfficeRnD Mobile App Navigation

Personal Transactions in the AR Aging Report

Recently we improved the old Aged Debtor Report and renamed the newer version into AR Aging Report. This new report gives you the means to chase debtors and analyze from what invoices or transactions this debt is generated.
We are happy to say that this report is even better now because you can also find information about individuals and billed to members not paid transactions. This gives you an even fuller view of your revenue chasing efforts.


  • Member Portal: Memberships were listed with 1 day offset if you are in -UTC timezone
  • Member Portal: Fees pending admin approval were listed with a wrong status
  • Member Portal: Blank How To Guides section appeared if you add a How to Guide with no name
  • Member Portal: UI issue with the timeframe in the calendar when a booking span overflows in another day
  • Member Portal: If there was a wrong URL in an Event it led to a “404 Page Not Found” in the Member Portal
  • Member Portal: Couldn’t cancel bookings when booking mode is set to Date
  • Member Portal: Upcoming Title box was overflowing on Member Portal Account -> Bookings page
  • Member Portal: The timezone os the user affected the invoice period date displayed.
  • Member Portal: Coins date was displayed incorrectly due to the device’s timezone.
  • Member Portal: Birthdays in the member portal were offset by the device’s timezone.
  • Member Portal: Fixes for the Right-to-Left languages support
  • Member Portal: Add to cart button was disabled on the main page but not when the modal of the particular item is open
  • Member Portal: Organisations with a single location were showing an empty Member Signup page
  • Member Portal: Text Styling wasn’t rendered in the Order Summary
  • Member Portal: Booking Summary was showing wrong booking times sometimes
  • Member Portal: Links to public calendar and signup were working even if they are disabled
  • Member Portal: Resource Rates were displayed along with the Plans on the Signup page
  • Renaming a Contract template was displaying an Unexpected Error when creating a contract PDF
  • Error, when failed to delete booking due to invalid google credentials, was not descriptive enough
  • Occupancy Interval Report: Square feet/meters size of the offices were always shown as 0
  • Generating a template was adjusting the width of the document, made it smaller, and left a blank space on the left
  • Reception App: WebView UI issues were preventing using the app in landscape mode
  • Portal checkout summary was causing performance issues when there are too many invoices
  • Safari mobile users on iOS couldn’t click the “Next” button on the Signup page
  • QuickBooks couldn’t sync payments and was throw an undefined error
  • Purchasing a one-off plan from the signup page wasn’t respecting the location selected
  • Successfully completing a mandate request from PlacePay was resulting in duplication of payment details in the user’s profile

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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