2016 in Review OfficeRnD Raises Seed

November 2016 Release

Nov 8, 2016 ∙ 3 mins read

Although this month we’ve been onboarding new customers like never before, we were still able to significantly improve our platform and make our biggest release ever.

We improved the mobile story of both members’ and admin sites. Our Members portal has become arguably the most beautiful portal for coworkers on every screen. We also implemented several new major features, improved the overall performance and security of the whole platform and we fixed a number of small issues.

Admin Portal

We invest a lot in making OfficeR&D Admin portal to be the most user-friendly, beautiful and feature rich Coworking management platform.


  • Plan codes – you can now set unique codes to every plan & product. This is then exported nicely to your invoices.
  • Mark fees as paid – you can explicitly mark one-off fees and deposits as paid to prevent double charging (in case, you’re just starting and the fees were paid before).
  • Payment notifications – you have new options to control the email notifications when payment fails.
  • Plan privacy options – you can now specify if a plan or product is available for purchase for new members, existing members or is it only available for admin users.
  • Item codes for deposits in Xero – you have the option to sync and control the item codes for deposits
  • Improved MRR calculation – changing the membership price now affects the MRR (monthly recurring revenue) of the member.

Members management

  • Add file attachments – you can now upload files and attach them to your members’ profiles. You can keep your signed contracts, IDs and all other files safely stored next to your memberships data.
  • New Companies view – the page is more mobile friendly, easier to find data, more sorting options and most of all, more beautiful.
  • Improved Custom properties – we extended and improved our custom properties (fields). You can make them public or private, add placeholder value and more.
  • Member statuses – now you can see on the Members page if a member has access to the Members portal. Their members portal Role is visible on the Members page.
  • Improved Former, Contacts and Leads views – all pages have been visually improved.

Meeting room bookings

  • Improved user interface – the booking template looks better and shows more data – the summary and the member’s name.
  • Bookings overview page – you have a new page where you can get the data for the Members’ usage of meeting rooms per month.
  • Improved email notifications – when changing a booking from the admin, the affected members will receive a proper notification. Also, the email template was improved.  
  • Add guests – now you can invite external or internal guests when booking a meeting from both the admin and the member sites.
  • Privacy settings – you can now configure if certain rooms are available for specific customers, or groups of customers (based on their membership type) or for all users of the space.
  • Calendar view improvements – the calendar user interface was improved in order on both mobile and desktop.

Members portal

  • Improved Signup page – the user interface of Summary on the signup page was improved. Also, we improved the pro-rata calculations prompt.
  • Custom code – you can amend custom code in the members portal. This allows deeper customizations like inserting custom spreadsheet, adding tracking code for analytics, chat widgets and more.
  • Calendar improvements – the members’ portal calendar view was improved to work better on mobile and desktop.
  • Performance & security improvements – we’re constantly improving the performance and the security of our platform.
  • User interface improvements – we reworked the left sidebar menu to make it more beautiful on more mobile friendly.

As always, your feedback is more than welcome. We won’t just listen to you, we will take notes and will implement your ideas faster than you can imagine.

As a quick heads up, with our next release, we will make customising our Members portal a piece of cake.