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November 2021 Update: Processing Fees & Booking Improvements

Michael Everts

Product Marketing

Nov 30, 2021|1 min read 1

With the latest November release we have changed the way that processing fees are recorded and made further improvements to the resource booking experience.

Let’s jump straight into the changes:

Processing Fees Improvements

Processing fees are now recorded as separate line items in credit notes issued for invoices containing them. This allows you to decide if you would like to credit the fees back to the members or not. 

Booking Policy Improvements

Minimum booking duration is now part of the booking policy rules. The rule can be applied to bookable resources and prevents members and drop-ins from creating bookings that are too short.

Member Portal Calendar Loading Speed

The loading time of all booking calendars in the Member Portal has been optimized significantly and should now load much faster.


Bug fixes

  • Booking a meeting room in the public calendar in organizations with one location would not record the location in the payment details 
  • Organizations with 2 Stripe payment integrations, one being ACH, would record ACH payment details to the wrong location
  • Previewing invoices in the manual bill run would not allow admins to update them
  • Email notification for Contract stage changed is sent twice if the user is both contractor creator and is setup to receive notifications for the contract location
  • Home location billing would record payment details in the wrong location when making instant purchases in the members portal 
  • Secondary role teammates were able to delete payment details for locations they don’t have access to under their primary role
  • Door Access is not granted for day passes created by Product fees
  • Can’t attach file when creating How to Guides from the Collaboration module 
  • The option for adding Payment Details during Signup is not showing. 
  • Orders cannot be exported when the delivery method is Pickup. 
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