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11/04/19: Improved Payment Method & Status Filters

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Nov 6, 2019|3 mins read 1

Our November release brings improved Payment Method & Status filters in the invoice grids and exposes new fields in the Fee’s name template. Here’s a summary of what we did:

— TL;DR —

We released:

  • Booking reference number exposed in the Fees’ name template
  • Start/End time of booking exposed in the Fees’ name template

We improved:

  • Payment Method & Status filters in the invoices grids
  • Adding booking Extras with Bookings import

We Fixed:

  • More than 25 bugs which we resolved


New Properties in the Fees’ Name Template

By definition, Fees are something essential in all coworking spaces. Being able to manage all the one-offs’ and bookings’ billing correctly and according to the business process used is something OfficeRnD is dedicated to doing.

A big part of this is the correct naming of Fees which relates to the preferred way of issuing invoices, exporting data to other systems, having smooth processes, etc. All of these and more is the reason behind releasing three more properties that can be used in the naming template of booking Fees found in Settings -> Billing.

Start and End time properties can be used to include this information in the name and together with the already existing date property form an exact span period of each booking if needed.

The Booking Reference Number property allows you to include the booking reference number of each booking in its Fee name. This helps if you want these numbers to be included in your invoicing, exporting, or else.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to share them in our Community Portal.

Following is the list with all changes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • Booking reference number exposed in the Fees name template
  • Start/End time of booking exposed in the Feed name template


  • Improved Payment Method & Status filters in the invoices grids
  • Adding booking Extras with Bookings import


  • Updating a member to a different time zone was sometimes updating incorrectly the calculated status of the member
  • The list in Billing -> Plans wasn’t updated immediately after adding a new plan
  • After a search of invoices, the Payment Method filter wasn’t working after page refresh
  • The Type filter for Memberships wasn’t showing the Fixed type methods
  • Any edits in the text editor were breaking the styles and the curly brackets in the code
  • Admins with customer permission roles couldn’t send ACH/DD mandate request
  • Day passes weren’t subtracted when there are multiple check-ins for the same day and they are accounted by the schedule
  • When editing the currency in invoices the drop-down used was closing immediately after opening
  • Not all entities were shown in Grid (Community Contracts/Users and Collaboration Contacts)
  • Number of desks on the Company account wasn’t accurate when occupying an office
  • When you delete a plan and try to add membership before refreshing the system you were still seeing the deleted Plan
  •  In some cases the status and the calculated status were different
  • When you were signing an eSignature contract in the same browser where you are logged in Admin your admin session was sometimes removed and admin was asked for credentials
  • Fields `customer` and `location` weren’t exposed in the eSign request template, event though they were listed
  • Edit a booking from the Mobile app was throwing an error about not able to edit _id of the booking
  • Xero sync behavior wasn’t being updated in the UI
  • Recurring booking ending in a certain count of occurrences was occupying the parent/child meeting rooms even after their end
  • Imported bookings were sending email notifications

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.

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