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Oct 5, 2017 Release

Oct 5, 2017 ∙ 3 mins read

Happy October!

We’re kicking off the month with some great new features and fixes. Read more below for the details:

RSVP for events is now available. Members can accept or reject an event invitation, they can also indicate an interest in the event and you can limit the number of members that can attend. This release also focuses on some house-keeping improvements – you can now quickly find fees created in the past, that are not yet invoiced. The system will also warn you when creating a plan or a fee that needs to be manually invoiced. Make sure to check all new features and fixes below.



  • RSVP to events? Yes, your members can respond to an event and let you know if they will attend or if they are interested. Go ahead and create a new event under Community/Events and define how many members can attend. In the members portal when the member reviews the event, they will be able to respond to the invitation.
  • The system outlines not-invoiced fees created in the past that require attention and need to be manually invoiced. These can be reviewed under Community/Fees as well as under each member’s profile.
  • The system filters memberships by approval status and displays them in a new tab – Not approved, under Community/Memberships. If you don’t see the tab on your side, that means you don’t have any memberships awaiting approval.
  • The contract template is improved to provide better placeholder properties such as the location name.
  • The “Add fee” and “Add membership” dialogs show warnings when the bill run won’t be able to invoice the first months of the membership or the newly added fee.
  • You can now configure the OfficeR&D integration with Slack to post different post types to different channels.
  • The company profile information now includes links to all floorplan resources the company occupies.
  • One more option for export is available – the Billing/Resource Rates entries are available in a CSV exported format.
  • The billing person first name is exposed as a placeholder in the Invoice email template.
  • The Billings/Plans export is extended to provide the unique code, number of credits and number of day passes per plan.
  • The Activity section under Dashboard now lists changes in the Settings module.


  • The name of the Billing person of a company is not synced with the accounting software.
  • Draft invoices cannot be approved.
  • Non-member signup in the members portal, for users who don’t want to purchase a plan on signup, does not work when Stripe is enabled and the default payment is a credit card.
  • QuickBooks integration configuration is enabling mapping of OfficeR&D plans to QuickBooks categories, which later yields errors on sync.
  • When the billing cycle Segregation is set to Multiple under Settings/Invoicing, company members who are not marked as a billing person, are still asked to enter their payment details when booking meeting rooms.
  • The URL added to one-off plans configured as available extras when booking meeting rooms, is not displayed on the public calendar when booking.
  • The credit card (and debit) numbers are not visible in the payment details list.
  • Switching the global billing date from the membership start date to a specific date doesn’t update the customer profiles.
  • Cancelling a membership assigned to a desk or a private office doesn’t set an end date to the assignment on the floor plan.
  • Occupancy in the Summary report is not rounded.
  • Every time a member adds a visitor the time of the visit goes automatically to 12:00 and it can’t be changed.
  • Meeting Room Tablet View looks broken in portrait view on iPad.
  • Search is not working on the Company profile in the Members Portal.
  • Floorplan layers aren’t accounted during export.
  • [API] Expose API that enables developers to read and display the resource rates prices and find a resource rate by the resource it targets.
  • [Mobile App] The Meeting rooms list does not respect the privacy options of the rooms.