2016 in Review OfficeRnD Raises Seed

October 2016 Release

Oct 17, 2016 ∙ 2 mins read

We implemented a lot of new features in the last month, which are aligned with core values here at OfficeR&D.

  • Achieve operational excellence by automating more repetitive tasks;
  • Make data-driven decisions based on real, fresh data that is accessible and easy to read;
  • Create a more engaged community network.

In the last month, we improved our integration with Xero, added another awesome accounting integration – QuickBooks online, enhanced the members portal with an e-commerce module to enable your members to purchase products and more.

Admin Portalquickbooks

  • Quick Books Online – we’re very committed to providing completely automated solution for our customers. A big part of this is to have your accounting synchronised to your management system. So, we developed a full-fledged integration with QuickBooks Online. You can read more about it here.
  • Billing & Accounting Improvements
    • Tax Rates – you can define multiple Tax Rates, apply them to different products, customers and sync them with your accounting solution.
    • Discounts – a new, advanced way to create discounts, coupons and apply them to different customers and/or plans.
    • Pro Rata – control if you want to pro-rate the first or the second member invoice.
  • Integrations Improvements – we worked with our partners from KISI, GoCardless, Capsule, Stripe and Xero to improve our existing integrations.
  • Meeting Room Bookings Improvements – we now support more sophisticated ways to define prices and rates:
    • Members vs. non-members;
    • Discounts based on membership plan;
    • Daily vs. hourly rates, etc.
    • Improved our booking system to be faster, more reliable and feature rich.
  • Performance & Security Improvements – we made some upgrades so OfficeR&D is quicker and more reliable.

Members Portal

  • E-Commerce– enable your members to purchase new membership plans, products, services and more. Collect the payments online or add them to the members’ next invoice.
  • New Design & Options
    • Members Dashboard – members can now enjoy a new Welcome dashboard where they can access various useful links and information
    • New Members Wall – we redesigned our members’ wall. It’s much faster, looks better, has more information and options.
  • Performance & Security Improvements – we also improved many internal bits & pieces to make the portal more robust, better looking and faster.