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October 29th, 2018 Release

Nov 5, 2018 ∙ 3 mins read

We did another 3 big releases of the OfficeRnD Platform in October. The main focus was on setting targets, extending the membership and contract management and making tens of small and big improvements.

Setting up Revenue Targets


You can now set location-specific monthly revenue targets.

The revenue targets allow you to keep track of your Revenue Occupancy – your actual revenue as a percentage of your target revenue. Revenue Occupancy gives you a more accurate measurement than the traditional occupancy in many instances as it takes into account discounts and price differences.

With the new update, you can now set a different target for each month. This is especially useful when you’re opening new locations. In this cases, you can set a target for the first month to hit 40%, then up to the 6th month 60% and then 80+% occupied at the end of the first year.

You can read more about it here.

Memberships Billing Period

You can now change the default billing/invoicing period on a membership level – for example, you can create yearly or quarterly memberships.

The new functionality allows you to create discounted plans which require a longer commitment and suggest predefined invoicing periods. The plans you can expose on the signup pages, as well as in the members’ Shop.

You can read more about how to start using the new feature here.


Member Portal – Improved About Us page

We’re also introducing a new “About us” page that is replacing the previous “Space” page. The new “About us” page features 4 major components:

  • Hero Header – header, picture and detailed description of your space
  • Locations – a beautiful list of all your locations
  • Your Team – wall with your admin team (if it is visible)
  • Contact Us – at the end is the contact us section with your email and button to send a feedback/issue

You can enable the new “About us” page in Settings / Apps / Member Pages.


  • Ability to set location-specific monthly targets
  • Ability to specify membership billing period/length – yearly, quarterly, or custom
  • Ability to separate invoices by contract
  • New Members Portal About us page


  • Ability to configure who can use day passes allocated by a monthly plan
  • Assign period for credit notes – copy from invoice
  • Improved filters in the admin on all screens
  • Improved delete company/member procedure
  • Improved Occupancy report – added the target
  • Improved Capsule integration reliability
  • Ability to specify if value credits are valid for specific resource rates or resource types
  • Ability to populate the hourly or value credits number on the contract template
  • Improved Members Portal members wall
  • Ability to specify permission for deleting files


  • Revenue report and invoicing round numbers differently in some cases
  • Exporting more than 50 invoices when there is accounting integration returns Failed to load request in some cases
  • Various permission and roles improvements
  • Door access security groups are not shown when the Salto integration is enabled
  • Hourly Credits added from membership shows “Added Manually” in some case
  • Improved IronWifi automated checkins
  • Admin notification when adding a member to the portal is not sent to the location specific email, but to the common email
  • Google integration does not work properly when the google resource has more than 1000 bookings
  • Value credits (coins) are not visible in the members portal
  • Cannot generate PDF for paid invoices – because of restriction for Editing Paid invoices
  • Automated bill run should not send ‘draft’ invoices

We are already working on many new key features, such as ‘Overpayments‘, ‘Memberships Report’ ‘New design of the Signup‘, and many more. Let us know if these would solve your current problems and how?