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October 30, 2020: Webhooks, SSO and New AR Aging Report

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Nov 2, 2020|2 mins read 1

October has been a big month for us and the released features will prove it. Read on for more information on all the great stuff you already have access to:

We released:

  • Webhooks – Allowing Better Integrations with OfficeRnD
  • Single-Sign-On for Member Tools
  • New Accounts Receivable Aging ReportΒ 
  • RTL support + New Languages (Hebrew, Japanese, Slovak, Czech) Supported in Member Portal

We improved:

  • Security and performance improvements which assure OfficeRnD is safer and faster every day
  • A new layout of admin email notifications coming from OfficeRnD

We Fixed:

  • More than 50 bugs which we resolved


Extensibility is one of the most important aspects of OfficeRnD and Webhooks were a missing piece in that aspect until now.
A webhook is an API concept that’s growing in popularity. As more and more of what we do on the web can be described by events, webhooks are becoming even more applicable. They’re incredibly useful and a resource-light way to implement event reactions in your integrations with OfficeRnD.

Read more about how you can use Webhooks in our dedicated documentation. Also, don’t forget to send us any feedback and suggestions on what more actions and events you want us to support with Webhooks so we can improve them constantly.Β 

Single-Sign-On for Member Tools

For organizations who want to allow their members to use credentials they already have with the organizations’ active directory to sign in into the OfficeRnD member tools, we are happy to announce that OfficeRnD now supports SSO authentication with all major providers (Okta, Google’s GSuite, Office365 and more).

We are also working on introducing SSO for access to the OfficeRnD Admin Platform so owners of organizations can allow their administrators to log in with their corporate credentials. More on this soon.

New Accounts Receivable Aging Report

The old Aged Dobtor report is now called AR Aging and contains even more financial information you can use to support your business operations.
We included aging information on transactions (created membership and one-off fees) in a new tab of the report called β€œBy Transaction”. Now you can track unpaid transaction balances along with the duration for which they’ve been outstanding, the same way this was possible for issued invoices.
The old Aged Debtor Report is now the β€œBy Invoice” tab of the AR Aging Report.

AR Aging Report

RTL Support and New Languages in the Members Portal

We are happy to announce that the Member Portal now supports Right-To-Left languages now and we are able to introduce even more language options into it.
Alongside this major localization update, we introduced support for Hebrew, Japanese, Slovak, and Czech. As many of our users know, our translations are community-generated and sometimes the first versions are not perfectly polished. If you are a native speaker of any of the above languages and spot inconsistencies in these translations, please let us know by submitting a ticket to

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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