Automate Coworking Billing with OfficeRnD, Xero and Stripe

We did several awesome releases of the OfficeRnD Platform in September. The main focus was on making the backend management platform more robust by extending it with custom permissions, processing fees and 10s of major or small improvements and bug fixes.

Roles & Permissions


You can now create custom roles and grant specific permissions for them. Once you create a new role, you will be able to assign it to your teammates which will grant them only the specific permissions as defined in the role.

The interface will allow you to choose the permissions based on the System Modules and then dive into each module specific entities and actions that can be taken upon this entity.

You can read more about it here.

Processing/Convenience Fee

You can enable the Processing (Convenience) fee feature to automatically apply a fee to any payment that a member makes using a credit card.

Often, the credit card processing fees can become a serious burden on your business. You can mitigate it by applying a processing fee to your members to cover for your costs.

Please, note that your country and state laws may govern how and if you can apply such fees to your members. In many cases, the convenience fees are legal, as long as you explicitly state that the default payment option should be, for example, bank transfer, but for your members’ convenience, paying by credit card might be charged an additional fee.

You can read more about how to enable the feature here.


Member Portal – Add Member

Part of our Member self-service story, we’re adding the ability for your members to add their teammates.

Note: Only the contact person(s) of the company will be able to add team members. 

The flow works as follows:

  • Adding a team member will add them to the company
  • The admin will receive an email that a member has been added
  • The admin should then take care to invite them to the portal (and/or continue their profile setup)

Important: Adding team member will NOT automatically invite them to the portal or grant them any permission. 


  • Processing/Convenience Fee
  • Custom Roles & Permissions
  • Members Portal – Add Member


  • Contract Numbers strict mode – disable managers from being able to change the contract number
  • Ability to populate the Contract Number(s) to the Invoice
  • Export resource (desk, office, etc) location & parent office name
  • Allow creating custom properties for locations
  • Search by company (and member) should search by the member billing details (name, address, etc)
  • Improve Community/Bookings filters
  • Localization – additional calendar settings – 12 (AM/PM) or 24 hours, the first day of the week
  • Ability to filter invoices and companies/members by payment method
  • Allow for filtering out all invoices that failed to sync under Billing/Invoices
  • Contract approval rules should be applied to all contract types
  • Additional filters in community/users view
  • Expose the company billing address in contract templates


  • Zapier actions do not show custom properties for the respective entity
  • Custom property string not showing a difference between question and answer
  • Incorrect booking summary when you have 100% discount for a resource rate
  • Mobile App – improved privacy options related to bookings
  • Activity is not tracked for visits and visitors
  • Charges created from the Pay Now button are not synced with accounting software automatically
  • Bookings can be created on a room that has a full-day booking generated by Google
  • Charge and Edit invoice from Admin does not sync the invoice automatically with Accounting (QB/Xero)
  • Accounting – sync manually throws an error when you create an invoice in some cases
  • No emails are sent when a payment fails during bill run in some cases
  • Public booking summary page on checkout isn’t scrollable on Mac
  • Plan page URL doesn’t open the plan, but the list
  • When you click on an office link it takes you to the floorplan but the office is not highlighted
  • Admin main menu does not hide properly for pages that need to be taking 100% width
  • Companies with an apostrophe (‘) in the name or email are not synced to QB
  • Disable edit of sent invoice – there is an error when you try to send an already sent invoice but actually, the invoice is sent
  • Deleting canceled booking with applied cancelation policy that used monetary credits returns 500
  • Enable/Disable Sync with accounting should not be restricted by the option to Edit/Delete invoices
  • Recurrent bookings from Google should not have Delete and Cancel buttons (like ordinary bookings)
  • When adding License Agreement the Validation rules are shown after clicking ‘Add & Approve’ or any other button which leads to bad UX
  • Signing up through the Public calendar does not save the password the member set in some cases
  • Inconsistent behavior in credits grid when the seed is canceled
  • Location name is not populated in some cases in contract & invoice templates
  • Recurring bookings can be double-booked in some cases
  • Invoice grid on customer page should be sorted by default by Issue date; Also Bookings should be sorted by default by Booking (newest to oldest)
  • Edit invoice does not sync the invoice automatically with Accounting in some cases
  • Members portal  – When there are no amenities on the calendar there is a blank field
  • Members portal – Plans do not load in some cases
  • EndDate is 1 day before the actual end date of the invoice because of Timezone + hours
  • Edit booking does not respect the double booking validation in some cases
  • Resource-based target when having offices & children desks are calculated incorrectly in some cases

The next release is already in progress and will feature some key functions, such as ‘Processing Fees‘, ‘Improved Members’ Self-service‘, and ‘Better filters in the admin‘.

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