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Sept 7, 2017 Release

Sep 8, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read

Late August, early September is usually time for vacations and enjoying the last sunny days at the beach. But our team never rests. We are ready with the next set of improvements and fixes. We’ve dedicated this release to improve the contracts functionality and the QuickBooks Online integration.

Here are more details on what’s included in this week’s release:


  • Tax rates on OfficeR&D fees and memberships are now synced with QuickBooks Online for US-based accounts. We’ve also enabled you to remove the default multi-currency mode for the OfficeR&D integration with QuickBooks Online. This helps in the case where you’re using a QuickBooks Online account that doesn’t support multi-currency and you don’t want OfficeR&D to sync the currency information.
  • Navigate to Community/Contracts and you’ll find a new column with the contracts total value. Total values are also available in the Payment Schedule table in the generated contract PDF.
  • A new contracts approval is in place. To set it up go over Settings/Contracts and enable the Approval Process. It basically requires that all contracts are approved by the owners of the organization in OfficeR&D.
  • You can generate contracts for resources that are currently unavailable so that you can offer the same office to multiple prospects or create a contract for a resource that is not yet available but will become in the near future.
  • Maximum booking duration can now be applied per booking room. Navigate to Billing/Resource Rates and click on the resource rate the meeting room is using to change its maximum booking duration time.
  • Your members can specify start dates of any plan, product or membership they purchase from the members portal.
  • Contracts can target resources available during different periods. This enables you to create a contract for one company for multiple offices when the company wants to move into the first office in a month and into the other one 2 months later.
  • You can opt out of the support chat by navigating to your Profile page and disabling the Help Chat option.
  • Your members can see the meeting room details by clicking on the meeting room name from the calendar view in the members portal.
  • You can open the meeting room editor via the admin portal Calendar view by clicking on a room name.
  • Do you have a page on your marketing website that describes a plan or a product in details? If you do, you can now add that link to a plan in OfficeR&D and have it displayed to members and non-members reviewing the plan on the portal or sign-up page. To add a URL to a plan, navigate to Billing/Plans, edit a plan and add the link under the Portal tab.


  • Recipient didn’t show on invoices.
  • When a portal requires a credit card, bookings from members without payment details used to throw an error ‘Charge handler could not be found’.
  • The public calendar signup was not working when the OfficeR&D account didn’t have an integrated payment gateway.
  • When the credits were consumed they used to disappear from the members portal.
  • When deleting a resource rate that was associated with a bookable resource such as a desk or a private office, the warning dialog didn’t inform of the type of resource associated with the resource rate.