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Sept 25, 2017 Release

Sep 25, 2017 ∙ 3 mins read
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This is the most significant release of OfficeR&D ever. We introduced so many improvements that I struggle to summarize them in a single post. We built 2 new integrations, 4 major features and 10s of small improvements and bug fixes.

PayPal Integration

Members can now pay their bills through the members portal via PayPal. You can setup the integration to allow for both recurring and one-off transactions. Follow this tutorial to set it up in your OfficeR&D organization.

SaltoKS Integration

One year ago we introduced our advanced Salto on-premise integration. That was a significant step toward streamlining and optimizing the door-access management of your community.
The next step was to build an integration with SaltoKS, the cloud infrastructure of Salto. Similar to our other door-access integrations, you can now fully automate the member access, based on their memberships in OfficeR&D, Bookings, and assigned locations/resources.

Personal charges and bill run

It’s often that you may want to bill members for using personal services and products. Few examples are consuming items from the bar, parking, sports cards or everything that is not billed to the company.

With the latest version of OfficeR&D, you can easily add charges that will be billed to the member. In order to use the feature, you need to enable it under Settings / Invoicing. When enabled, you can navigate to a member, click ‘Add fee’ and select ‘Bill to member’. Then, you can either invoice the charges with your usual bill-run or you can let the platform generate them automatically.

As part this functionality, the members are also allowed to add ‘Personal’ credit card via the Members portal.

Direct Messages

Collaboration is a key element for coworking spaces. That’s why we build an entirely new feature that allows you and your members to send direct messages.

  • Admin -> Member(s): You can now send messages to individual members, or group of members, such as all ‘Active’ members or handpicked groups.
  • Member -> Member(s) / Admin(s): Your members will be able to message you or their fellow coworkers directly from the members portal.


Custom Pages

As part of the customization and white-labeling of the Members portal, we’re introducing more advanced custom page capabilities. You can now define a custom page that is based on a template, such as a Community Wall, or entirely new template where you define your own content, and for even more advanced use cases, extend the pages via code.


  • Personal Charges and bill-run – Members can now pay for services/fees/products separately from their company.
  • Contracts export – Contracts can now be exported.
  • Resource rate approval – if the rate of the room requires approval, the bookings will be created as ‘Tentative’ from the Public calendar as well as the Members portal.
  • Export Memberships
  • Add the payment date to the invoices export.
  • Allow users to set the from email address for all emails sent to their members.
  • Advanced Custom pages in the members portal.
  • Ability to add custom text to the booking dialog.
  • Ability to filter in the One-Fees by date range.
  • Ability to send in-app message (in email) in the members portal.
  • PayPal integration
  • SaltoKS integration
  • Improve how the logo is displayed in notification emails – you can customize the main email template (root template).
  • Add ‘invoiceDue’, ‘invoiceTotal’ and ‘invoicePeriod’ fields to invoice email template.


  • The exported end date of the Members export doesn’t update when a membership restarts.
  • Deleting a file doesn’t ask to confirm the operation.
  • Check-ins report / export respect location filters.
  • The LinkedIn link is not showing on the Member profile.
  • Adding payment details displays a broken UI that looks like an invalid operation.
  • Contract totals in the list should be with no tax.
  • Visitors and Shop menu items in the members portal are not editable.
  • Ability to choose date format when importing members.