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September 5th, 2018 Release

Sep 5, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

September is coming with another big release of the OfficeRnD Platform. The focus was on several very important improvements that many of you were waiting for.

Roles & Permissions

Private Beta


You can now create custom roles and grant specific permissions for them. Once you create a new role, you will be able to assign it to your teammates which will grant them only the specific permissions as defined in the role.

The interface will allow you to choose the permissions based on the System Modules and then dive into each module specific entities and actions that can be taken upon this entity.

Please, note that the Custom Roles is in Private Beta for the next 2 weeks (until the next release). If you would like to give a try and have a new role added to your account, please, contact

Customizable Purchase Flows

The ‘purchase flow’ (Signup flow, Public booking flow or internal Purchase, etc) defines what should happen when a new member is about to signup or book a meeting room. For example, whether the new member should be charged immediately, or only require their payment information, etc.

The new purchase flow system will allow you to define more granular flows based on the type of member that is purchasing a product. For example, you can specify that the ‘private office members’ are not going to be invoiced immediately while the ‘hotdesk members’ will be invoiced for their purchase immediately.

You can read more about it here.


New Integrations User Interface

We also facelifted the Integrations page.

Your Active Integrations will be available on top the page where you can see all the details of the integration and if there are any issues with it.

Underneath is the list of all available integrations grouped by their category.

Following are all changes in greater detail:


  • Advanced roles & permissions customizations (Private Beta)
  • New integrations UI
  • Customizable purchase flows


  • Adding new payment (or editing the invoice) should regenerate the PDF
  • Occupancy report improvements:
    • Allow to chose any resource type that is ‘assignable’ – read more here.
    • Added Revenue per sq.ft. (sq. m.).
  • Value Credits (coins) improvements:
    • Ability to change the credits.
    • Improved Transaction log.


  • Don’t change the contact person in Xero and QuickBooks.
  • Access that is granted through SaltoKS is removed by OfficeRnD in some cases.
  • Invoice numbering is incorrect when you use {{year}} token before the {{number}} in some cases.
  • When you create an invoice (or issue a credit note) for a fee it doesn’t change its status in the interface (you need to refresh).
  • Cancelation of a single occurrence of recurring booking triggers the double booking validation.
  • Partially occupied private office (membership starts mid-month) does not calculate correctly in occupancy report.
  • Receptionist and Center manager see the widget of KPIs dashboard but do not see any data in it.
  • The first login in IronWifi fails with “Your account has expired” in some cases.
  • Billing/Invoices deep link does not pre-populate the period field.
  • IronWiFi checks in multiple times for the same period in some cases.
  • An individual cannot be added to a company if they have a membership.
  • When integration sync takes too long, users see an error, but the actual sync continues.
  • The Paid watermark is not visible in the invoice template in some cases.
  • Admins cannot remove already added invoice templates from some invoices.
  • PUT Members through the API with invalid member id throws 500.

The next release is already in progress and will feature some key functions, such as ‘Processing Fees‘, ‘Improved Members’ Self-service‘, and ‘Better filters in the admin‘.