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What’s coming in 2016

Miroslav Miroslavov
Jul 27, 2016 ∙ 2 mins read

Admin portal

The next major update of OfficeR&D will come up with lots of improvements, new features, and many new integrations. We’re extremely dedicated to providing the most complete, accurate and secure coworking space management platform. At the same time, we’re aiming to provide the best user experience for you and your members.

Discounts & Coupons

Discounts and coupons will enable you to give your customers discounts directly or based on their membership plans. You will be able to define step deals as well as create coupons for your members when signing up online.

Multiple Billing Cycles

In some cases, you may need to bill customers separately for additional services from the main membership fees. For example, you may want your meeting room charges and different services to be billed on a different invoice (separate cycle).

Email Notifications & Alerts

OfficeR&D will enable you to define alerts and custom notifications for various events (triggers).

Dashboard Improvements

We will restructure the dashboard to feature your space now (today) vs. this month, or dive in deeper reports and analytics.

Xero Multiple Accounts

In some cases, you may need to associate some charges with different xero accounts. For example, the events might use a different account from the membership fees.

Contract signature with e-sign platforms

OfficeR&D will enable you directly send your members a contract, wait for their online signature and store safely the signed contract. We will enable this with various integrations with providers like DocuSign, HelloSign, and etc.

Multiple Billing Intervals

Multiple billing intervals will let you define custom intervals for your customers directly or based on their membership plan.

QuickBooks Integration

OfficeR&D will enable you to setup complete, real-time integration with QuickBooks online in a similar way as we do with Xero.

Open API

We’re going to open our API for you to create custom applications, integrations, and beautiful add-ons.

Members Portal


OfficeR&D will allow you to easily setup the members portal under your domain – members.yourdomain.com. 

Advanced Theming

We’re adding more and more theming options so you may fully customize your portal and have it 100% white-labeled and branded.

Notifications Board

OfficeR&D members portal will enable you and your members to post notifications and easily collaborate with each other.

Public Calendar Page / Widget

The public calendar page will enable your members to access your conference rooms public calendar (on page hosted by us, or hosted as a widget on your website). It will enable them to also book & pay online if they find a suitable spot.

Members Dashboard

We will enable your members to see the latest and greatest information about your space, their profile, other members, and etc. on a beautiful dashboard.

Stay tuned. Please let us know in the comments bellow if you think we should add more great features to OfficeR&D.