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  1. 8 hours ago

    The Croissant team's reading AJ Jacob's 'Thanks a Million' this month for book club. We're learning a lot about gratitude! Has anyone read it?

  2. 12 hours ago

    You can pop-in for coworking at the and other spaces in Amsterdam. Here's an insider look at TSH collab 👩‍💻

  3. 14 hours ago

    Our Paris agenda includes: long walks along the Seine and all the baguettes (and yes) croissants we can get our hands on... Theeeeen we 💛 popping into for coworking & collaboration. They're right off the street and have a calm vibe to cap off a bonne journée 🥐

  4. May 14

    Where did you find support when starting out? 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  5. May 14

    Sometimes project management can look like a big knot you have to untie. The right tools and prep can save you from those email barrages! ✏️

  6. May 14

    A really notable read from . If you're looking to flexible work and aren't sure how to start **click👇**

  7. May 13

    "There’s a real energy here [...] with so much redevelopment in the area, we expect the Finsbury Park business community to continue to grow." - Jonathan of

  8. May 12

    For those times you network and send that "thanks for the email. Moving you to BCC" message. We made a pin for that 😁

  9. May 11

    Places to work with a laptop around Austin? We saved you that google search:

  10. May 10

    : Dancing has been scientifically proven to make you healthier and smarter.

  11. May 9
  12. May 9

    Be thoughtful when you start promoting your own business. 's Tzvete breaks down where to find your audience and creating that press release:

  13. Retweeted
    May 8

    thanks for the work space! On the roof of the Village Works in Brookline

  14. May 8

    The good, the bad, the days working in your PJs (we've all had them). Freelance writer Cloe Matheson made a list of her top lessons after her first year of freelancing

  15. May 7

    So we're loving this concept from the Slack story. "'Productivity software should be something you use less than the thing you used before.'" ht

  16. Retweeted
    May 7

    Used to book a spot at in Fullerton, CA. So many great things about it - decor by local artists, a 3D printer, and best of all - open on Saturday.

  17. May 7

    What do you think about side hustles?

  18. May 6

    " I was really in need of a break from the city life, and nature was literally calling me. Launching my own business allowed me the time and space [and] flexibility." - founder of creative agency and wellness brand Una Volta

  19. May 6

    Honestly, with all the late nights, pivoting, and industry disruption happening in Westeros, we can't blame them for needing that Starbucks coffee 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️.

  20. May 4

    Same Obi Wan. Same. (p.s. PJs are work clothes right?)


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