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  1. 17 hours ago

    Q1. What amenities do you offer your members to promote wellness and avoid things such as ?

  2. 16 hours ago

    Q4. How do you promote work/life balance to your members and your local community?

  3. 16 hours ago

    Q3. What are your favorite plants to have in the coworking space and why?

  4. 16 hours ago

    Q5. Is your space animal-friendly? Offer a game room, a library, or other space for brainstorming and complex problem solving?

  5. May 8

    Q5. Do you partner with local businesses in your community? With other coworking spaces in other cities or countries? What do these partnerships look like?

  6. 16 hours ago

    Q2. Do you coordinate off-site wellness activities for your members, such as bike rides and runs?

  7. 17 hours ago

    Happy National Employee Health and Fitness Day! In 30 minutes, we are going to start discussing wellness.

  8. May 14

    Tomorrow, we will continue hosting at 4PM CEST. This week's theme will be WELLNESS. Please join and also tell us a little about yourself, your business and why you "cowork."

  9. May 10

    Join us for another interesting today at Espaço C3. We'll be discussing: "Why companies should at least consider going fully or partially remote" We'll talk about the current state of remote/flexible working in Portugal as well as the fol…

  10. 20 hours ago

    Want to keep up with what's going on in ? Join our list!

  11. May 9

    Defeatist make Excuses Defeater make Coffee The choice is all yours. If you want to defeat the entire society, you got to think in a creative way. Let's discuss in details. Call us @9811197809

  12. 16 hours ago
  13. May 8

    Q6. What blog(s), podcast(s), website or media do you read or listen to be current on trends and news? Is there anyone that you recommend following on Twitter?

  14. May 8

    Q1. Do you have a space contract? Why or why not?

  15. 16 hours ago

    We are hoping to build a library in a secluded backroom for our members to read, practice mindfulness, etc. Does anyone have a library? Pictures? Need inspiration. 🤓

  16. 16 hours ago

    First, we are NOT open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We have community lunches in our kitchen, separate from the desk. We gave monthly Game Nights.

  17. 16 hours ago

    and other members used to run together before coming to . They have been talking about doing this again since the weather is better. 😎🏃‍♂️

  18. May 8

    Q2. Do you hire outside of your organization services for content marketing or use CRM software? Which one?

  19. 16 hours ago

    Q6. As May is Mental Heath Month, how do you address mental health in your space? What mental health resources would you like to see in your space?

  20. May 8

    In 30 minutes, we are going to start .

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