making coworking hubs win-win-win in 2016

From the very first day at, we knew that in order for us to realistically level the playing field for passionate teams around the world, we had to find and support the awesome spaces around which these teams could congregate.

We began by helping expose these shared spaces, and their “hidden” benefits, to as many fast growing businesses that would listen.

We also setup a programme to put aside a portion of our revenue to support entrepreneurial causes in the ecosystems that need it most.

These are two systems we’re super proud of, and will continue to grow in 2016, just our second year online.

From January 15th 2016, we’ll step things up even more, by opening up even more financial support to the 80+ hubs who’ve joined us on our mission to give growing businesses a real fighting chance at success.

A growing part of our business model involves charging transaction fees to whomever generates revenue through our platform, promising our members great prices through collective buying-power and connecting our vetted vendors to the latest and greatest upcoming companies. An honest and fair win-win scenario for both parties.

In order to make coworking and shared hubs win-win-win, we’ll be activating on our powerful hub-credit programme.

Put simply, every single time a member of any included hub saves time and money through our service, we’ll credit that hub’s account with a portion of the transaction fee we collect.

We’re so excited, that if we had trunks we’d definitely be swinging them about like so:


But we don’t. Sadly. So we’ll get back to work and wish everyone an amazing end to 2015, and roaring start to ’16!

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