How crucial is it for your company to have employees physically present in the office on a regular basis?

employees working on laptops

How important is it for your company to have clear policies and guidelines around remote work, such as communication expectations, performance metrics, and work hours?

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Does your company have the technology infrastructure to support remote work, such as laptops, video conferencing software, and project management tools?

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Does your company have a dedicated IT support team to assist with technical issues and provide assistance to remote workers?

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What percentage of your employees would work remotely once your company implements a hybrid work model?

How much physical office space does your company have available for employees to use on-site?

How much is your company willing to invest in real estate and office-related expenses to accommodate a hybrid work model?

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How important is it for your employees to have flexibility in their work arrangements, such as the ability to work from home or choose their own schedules?

Do you have plans in place to support employee well-being in a hybrid work model, such as mental health resources, ergonomic equipment, and support for work-life balance?

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Can you see your team adapting well to remote work?

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Hybrid Work Quiz
Your Workplace Would Thrive With a Mandatory In-Office + Flex Days Policy

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Heads up! A mandatory in-office model is ideal for your workplace — but don’t let the label fool you. There’s still flexibility built-in. While there’s no remote work option, employees can still ask for one or two “flex” days per month. A mandatory in-office model means you’ve got the tools, tech, and office space and layout onsite that’s required to support the greatest amount of connection and productivity through employees’ days. Your workplace operations and projects are best conducted in-person and you frequently host in-person meetings, company events, and training on-site. That’s why you need an easy way to enable employees to book desks and rooms. Check out OfficeRnD Hybrid. It’s an easy-to-use hybrid workplace management and scheduling software that allows you to book desks and meeting rooms from the apps you already use. Better yet, you can start for free or book a live demo and see how it can benefit your workplace.
Your Workplace Would Benefit From Adopting the Office-First Hybrid Model

Get ready! The office-first hybrid model is “the one” for you. While most employees, for the majority of their time, spend their workdays on-site, they’re keen on some flexibility — and you want to give them that without moving to an entirely hybrid or remote workplace. A hybrid workplace management tool such as OfficeRnD Hybrid can help you implement the right hybrid work policies, improve collaboration, and facilitate resource booking. Click here to start for free with no strings attached or book a live demo and talk to one of our workplace experts.
No Surprise Here — the 50-50 Split Hybrid Model is Perfect for Your Workplace

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The future of work is in your hands with the 50-50 split hybrid model. It means your employees are ready to split their time equally between remote work and in-office work. That comes with a set of challenges such as organizing desk booking and meeting room booking, among other things. The right hybrid work software can help you overcome these hurdles and create a collaborative and thriving work environment. Luckily OfficeRnD Hybrid can do all that and more. Click here to start for free with no strings attached or book a live demo and talk to one of our workplace experts.
A Remote-First Workplace Model Would Help Your Employees the Most

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Make way — the remote-first workplace model is right for your employees. While there’s some in-office work during important project milestones or for instances like kick-off calls or cross-functional meetings, most of the time, your employees could work from home (or another off-site location). However, in-person collaboration is crucial for productivity and engagement. Moreover, you need to entice employees to come to the office for the moments that matter. OfficeRnD Hybrid has a powerful set of collaboration-boosting features that can enable you to do that and much more. Click here to start for free with no strings attached or book a live demo and talk to one of our workplace experts.
A Fully Remote Work Setup with Few or No On-Site Days Model is Right for Your Workplace

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Flip the script — a fully remote work setup is right for your operations. Here are four great resources that will help you better navigate remote work: 37 Best Virtual Team Building Activities [#12 Is Super Fun] How Does Working Remotely Affect Taxes? [2023 Guide] 12 Proven Strategies for Engaging Remote Employees [2023] Remote Work Productivity: Strategies and Tips for Success [2023]

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