Brought by:

Onnik Shahinyan

Data Analyst Lead

The coworking and flex space industry has been on a huge roller coaster – from 2019’s all-time highs to the massive drop in early 2020 and the steady recovery since.

These swings inspired us to create FlexIndex: a novel composite index that tracks the industry’s global trends.

Our data team’s FlexIndex report is also packed with insights, based on data from 1000+ coworking and flex spaces worldwide. Click below to download the Year in Review from January 2023.

What is FlexIndex?

The FlexIndex is a composite index, that provides visibility into the coworking and flex space industry’s health, post-lockdown recovery, and global trends. The index is comprised of 5 components (or KPIs), which represent critical business aspects of both small and large flex operators.
  1. Static Desk Occupancy
  2. Revenue per Available Workspace (RevPAD)
  3. Bookings per Meeting Space
  4. Average Booking Duration per Paid Meeting Space
  5. Booking Revenue per Paid Meeting Space


Each KPI is reported as an indexed value using the 2019 average monthly rates as a baseline valued at 100. For easier interpretation of the index, each KPI has a value of 1 based on the 2019 benchmark. This gives us a value of 5 as a baseline.

Main observations

  • In November 2022 for the first time the flex space marked showed full recovery.
  • ‘Static Desk Occupancy’ and RevPAD are keeping the stability of the FlexIndex on a relatively high level, with a slight cooling off at the end of 2022
  • The closing gap between Static Desk Occupancy and RevPAD is an indicator for balancing the supply and demand of flex offices
  • ‘Average Booking Duration per Paid Meeting Space’ and ‘Booking Revenue per Paid Meeting Space’ are synchronizing and the gap between them is closing
  • For the upcoming Q1, 2023, we are expecting the desk related KPIs to stabilize slightly above the 2019 benchmark