Evolving Workplaces:

Top Hybrid Work Trends in 2024

Hear an insightful conversation on what the future holds for hybrid work in 2024 and beyond! We promise a stellar panel of speakers and takeaways that will undoubtedly set you up for success ringing in the new year!

Webinar on Demand

In as little as 45 minutes you will learn:

  • The hottest trends in hybrid work for next year and beyond
  • The evolution of hybrid work policies and schedules
  • The remote work flexibility vs return-to-office challenges
  • The hybrid work tech stack leading organizations’ will choose in 2024
  • The answers to your questions during the live Q&A session

Meet the Speakers

Teddy Connell
Manager, Customer Success, OfficeRnD

Ivan Guberkov
GM & VP, OfficeRnD Hybrid

Webinar On Demand