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Getting Started

  • business plan for a coworking space
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    #1 Creating a Winning Business Plan for Your Coworking Space
  • coworking space buidling
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    #2 Finding the Right Location for Your Coworking Space
  • blog post icon ARTICLE
    #3 Traditional Lease vs. Management Agreement
  • product mix for coworking spaces
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    #4 How to create a strong product mix for your coworking space
  • how to pre-sell your coworking space
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    #5 How to pre-sell your coworking space

Managing Operations

  • coworking space finances
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    #6 Coworking Space Finances: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide
  • management agreement
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    #7 How to hire a great team for your coworking space
  • successful community
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    #8 Essentials of successful coworking communities
  • coworking space essentials
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    #9 6 Tips for great member experience in coworking spaces
  • Coworking Experience Apps
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    #10 Improve your coworking space efficiency with a better tech stack
  • building your own coworking software
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    #11 Mistakes to avoid when building your own software
  • coworking-specific kpis
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    #12 How to set and track coworking-specific KPIs
  • improve meeting rooms usage
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    #13 How to improve meeting rooms usage in coworking spaces

Growing Your Space

  • coworking-space-tours
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    #14 How to Deliver Great Coworking Tours Every Time (In 5 Steps)
  • increase coworking space revenue
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    #15 How to generate more revenue for your coworking space
  • coworking space event ideas
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    #16 12 Coworking event ideas
  • marketing strategies to attract more members to your coworking space
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    #17 Marketing Strategies for coworking spaces to attract members
  • scaling-coworking-space-process-anna-jagric-bw-profile
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    #18 How to scale your coworking space & implement processes
  • Office Building P&L
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    #19 Generating new revenue streams in office buildings
  • OfficeRnD Flex Member Portal
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    #20 Building a better coworking space website
  • accelerate coworking space pipeline
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    #21 6 Ways to Accelerate your coworking space sales pipeline


  • The Revolution is Here: Flex, Hybrid, and the Future of the Workplace
  • FlexWorld: An Introductory Episode

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