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Analytics and Reports



See a Detailed Breakdown of Your Revenue
  • Get insight into revenue distribution per resource type and product.
  • Run projected revenue reports and plan sales activity accordingly.
  • Track cash (revenue) occupancy to keep track of performance.
  • Get Invoiced revenue reports and easily get the balance of each company.
  • Real-time dashboards on the total of Paid and Overdue invoices.
Understand Your Vacancy and Utilization Rates
  • Real-time occupancy dashboard allow you to check on current vacancy levels at all time.
  • Occupancy reports allow you to analyze the performance of each individual resource over time.
  • Resource Utilization reports help you gauge the effectiveness of all bookable resources.
Report on Memberships and Contracts
  • Get move-in and move-out reports for the month.
  • Track MoM membership statuses – new, terminated, active and discounted.

Don't take if from us

  • "With OfficeRnD, the member facing services and the billing work extremely well together, so you don’t have to integrate it."

    kane willmott_iq offices
    Kane Willmott
    Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices


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