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OfficeRnD Flex Analytics

All the tools you need to better understand your business and make data-driven decisions


Visualize Data Your Way with Custom Dashboards and Widgets

With Analytics you can easily build custom dashboards with a collection of 100+ predefined widgets in a simple drag and drop editor. Anyone can create those reports. No data experience or skills required.

  • Track the most important KPIs to better understand your flex space and make data-driven decisions.
  • Drag and drop widgets using a visual interface to create custom dashboards
  • Select from over 100+ premade widgets to customize your dashboards

Updated BI Reporting Engine

OfficeRnD Analytics is a powerful new data platform and business intelligence tool. It is based on a powerful integrated BI, which gives us the ability to create new reports easier and quicker.

  • Export reports and data in PDF and CSV formats
  • Manipulate reports with interactive data sets and filters
  • Send automated email reports to staff

Pre-Built Dashboards with Core Business Metrics

OfficeRnD Analytics gives your team all the information needed to run your space with detailed pre-made dashboards tracking revenue, traffic, occupancy, bookings and utilization. So you can spend more time making decisions and less time making reports.

  • No additional setup needed to enable reports
  • All key metrics available at a glance
  • Filter reports by date, location, resource and more

Understand Your Vacancy and Utilization Rates

  • Real-time occupancy dashboard allow you to check on current vacancy levels at all time.
  • Occupancy reports allow you to analyze the performance of each individual resource over time.
  • Resource Utilization reports help you gauge the effectiveness of all bookable resources.

See a Detailed Breakdown of Your Revenue

  • Get insight into revenue distribution per resource type and product.
  • Run projected revenue reports and plan sales activity accordingly.
  • Track cash (revenue) occupancy to keep track of performance.
  • Get Invoiced revenue reports and easily get the balance of each company.
  • Real-time dashboards on the total of Paid and Overdue invoices.

Report on Memberships and Contracts

  • Get move-in and move-out reports for the month.
  • Track MoM membership statuses – new, terminated, active and discounted.

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kenny kane
Kenny Kane

Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace

We love the reporting feature. It was something we tried to solve in other ways in the past but didn’t quite succeed. With OfficeRnD, we have access to revenue reports and occupancy forecasting which is great.
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