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Meeting room booking system

Make it easy for your hybrid workforce to find and book conference rooms on any device
Meeting Rooms Booking System
Find and book available spaces

Booking meeting rooms is one of the most common administrative tasks that cost your employees a lot of time and effort. By streamlining the booking process you can significantly reduce admin work and increase people’s workplace satisfaction.

Our advanced room booking system will allow your employees to place recurring bookings, as well as delegated bookings or private bookings. Once fully setup, our software will distribute notifications and reminders or automatically free the room if it’s not used.

Room Booking System
Meeting Room Bookings in Microsoft Teams
Book from anywhere – Mobile, Web, Teams, Outlook, or Google

Employees can find and book a meeting room on the day or in advance through our mobile app or web portal, as well as directly within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar, or via Chrome extension. The booking information will be synced bi-directionally to all calendar systems avoiding double booking and frustration.
With OfficeRnD Hybrid room reservation software you will be able to provide an immersive workplace experience to your employees by simplifying the scheduling process.

Enable visual floorplan room bookings

Visualize your floorplan with interactive space maps that your employees can use to book conference rooms, desks, and other spaces. Floorplan booking enables your teams to easily see when certain resources are available during the day.

  • Specify your building and floor to see all available resources in that area
  • Easily see the desks and meeting spaces that have already been booked
  • Confirm your booking location by selecting an available space on the floorplan
Meeting Rooms Booking System
Streamline conference room scheduling

Set permissions for how, when, and by whom a conference room can be booked, and define your own hybrid work policies. Change it up for every space, level, or location:

  • Maximum booking duration
  • Back-to-back bookings
  • Recurring bookings
  • Tentative bookings
  • Delegated bookings
  • Cancelation policies

By using advanced conference room scheduling software, you can save a lot of time and effort for your employees by automating and streamlining the processes.

Bring Conference Room Schedules at the Door of Each Room

Great meeting room booking systems improve the workplace experience for employees by simplifying the reservation process using the latest technologies, such as easy to use meeting room tablet app.

  • Highlight meeting space availability with visible room status
  • Confirm that each meeting took place with check-ins. If nobody shows up after a set amount of time, the room unbooks itself.
  • Set smart work hours: Display screens dim during hours no one is around.
  • Lockdown the display: Keep the app on screen and prevent unintended use.

Learn more about our meeting room displays.

Meeting Room Utilization Software
Optimize your rooms based on data

Detailed analytics allows you to uncover trends in meeting room usage. Analyzing utilization rates, average booking duration, and other metrics allows you to improve the way your team uses the workplace.

By implementing room scheduling software, you will be able to collect data, analyze it and gain insights to optimize your workplace for your people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hybrid work?
    Hybrid work is a workplace model where employees work partly from the office and partly remotely. Some companies enforce hybrid work schedules with a baseline for being in the office (e.g., 3 days a week), while others allow for more flexibility by letting employees choose when to come to the office. Continue reading about Hybrid work.
  • What is Hybrid meeting?
    A hybrid meeting is whenever some of the people are in the office and others are joining online. Painful or not, hybrid meetings are here to stay and we should not just brace them. We have to equip our employees with the best scheduling tools to make them feel awesome and spend enough time collaborating with their teammates! A conference room scheduling software is essential for any organization that wants to simplify the hybrid meeting scheduling and transition to a flexible and hybrid way of working. Read more about it here.
  • What is Hybrid workforce collaboration?
    Hybrid workforce collaboration is the process of people working efficiently together while some of them are in the office, and others are working remotely. Rather than sticking only to in-office or remote work, the hybrid work model offers modern companies the best of both worlds in one single approach. Continue reading about hybrid workforce here.
  • What is Workplace management software?
    A workplace management platform is an essential software solution for any organization that wants to enable hybrid work and transition to a flexible workforce. Workplace platforms help companies create safer, more flexible, and more delightful employees’ workplace experiences. Furthermore, it streamlines the day-to-day work-related processes that get in the way of great work. It usually features desk booking system, meeting room scheduling platform, space management capabilities and workplace experience apps. Read more about workplace management systems here.

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Sarah Wells

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OfficeRnD integrates easily into the Microsoft 365 Teams applications giving you an interactive floorplan interface. SSO and Outlook integration was an easy setup process. Customer Service, Technical Support and Onboarding has been stellar. This software meets our every requirement which includes full Teams integration.
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