Make Room for Productivity and Collaboration

Make it easy for your hybrid organization to find and book rooms for onsite collaboration on any device through a seamless experience

meeting room booking software

Create and Manage Meeting Rooms

Build and edit meeting rooms, add amenities, and set booking policies to ensure seamless scheduling of spaces for your organization. Allow office managers and administrative staff to book meeting rooms on behalf of others when needed.

  • Create functional spaces where productivity thrives
  • Equip for the needs of your organization
  • Manage bookings and policies

Find the Right Space for Any Meeting

Navigate through a visual floor plan with advanced filters for duration, participants and amenities to find space for any meeting. Then you can:

  • Book meeting rooms privately
  • Create recurring booking for the room
  • Add other important details within the booking

Enrich any meeting experience

Set up any space to match the purpose and needs of your meeting. Streamline, organize, and manage meeting services such as:

  • Room Setup
  • Extra Equipment
  • Catering requests
  • and more….
Meeting Services for hybrid workplaces
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Invite Everyone to Join Onsite

In-person collaboration is proven to be more productive. When there’s a meeting coming with booked space for it – Invite participants to come to the office or add visitors to the guest list.

  • Help people navigate when to be in the office
  • Book space remotely for your team

Displays at the Door of Each Room

Use the tablet app to utilize meeting and conference rooms in your workplace conveniently:

  • See real-time meeting room availability and schedules
  • Highlight availability with visible room statuses
  • Eliminate ghost meetings by confirming meetings with check-ins
  • Brand and personalize each room with background images

Learn more about our meeting room displays.

“Making recurring bookings for individual desks and meeting rooms is easy. Setting up whether staff members get reminders to check-in is also flexible.”

Hospital & Healthcare
G2 Review

Optimize Your Meeting Rooms Based on Data

Detailed analytics allow you to uncover trends in meeting room usage and help you change and adapt them to the needs of your organization. Keep track of:

  • Created bookings and check-ins
  • Space utilization rates
  • Average booking duration
  • Percentage of no-shows

Book from Anywhere

Add your workplace’s rooms and meetings to the calendar. Then find and book with ease through:

The booking information will be synced bi-directionally to all calendar systems avoiding double booking.

We Are a Leader on G2

We’re thrilled to be awarded the Leader badges for Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems, Space Management and Hybrid Enablement.

“Making recurring bookings for individual desks and meeting rooms is easy. Setting up whether staff members get reminders to check-in is also flexible.”

Hospital & Healthcare
G2 Review

Learn About Meeting Room Booking System

  • What is a meeting room booking system?
    This term stands for a software solution designed to simplify and streamline the process of reserving and managing meeting rooms or spaces within an organization. It allows employees to easily find, book, and manage meeting rooms for various types of gatherings, such as meetings, presentations, workshops, and more. Such tools aim to optimize the utilization of meeting spaces, enhance productivity by reducing scheduling conflicts, and provide a smoother experience for employees when reserving rooms for their activities.
  • Why do we need a meeting room booking system?
    bookings. It eliminates confusion, aids resource allocation, fosters seamless collaboration, and accommodates remote teams. Insights drive data-driven decisions, enhancing workplace harmony. Beyond a tool, it's a catalyst for streamlined operations, productive meetings, and work-life balance. Embrace its efficiency and let your workplace flourish.
  • How employers benefit from using a conference room booking system?
    With conference room scheduling software, employers gain visibility of the usage of meeting rooms. That allows them to see metrics such as utilization rates and average booking duration which helps in optimizing the workplace and improving metrics such as employee collaboration and overall productivity. In essence, such a software tool goes far beyond room reservations, evolving into a powerful solution for shaping a more effective, cohesive, and thriving work ecosystem.
  • How to choose the best meeting room booking software?
    When choosing the right meeting room booking software, consider features, scalability, customization, mobile access, integration, security, and user support to create an efficient, harmonious work ecosystem. By thoroughly assessing these factors and involving key stakeholders in the decision-making process, you can confidently select the meeting room booking software that best suits your organization's requirements and contributes to a more efficient and collaborative work environment.

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