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Making Coworking The Way of Working

Making coworking the way of working has been our goal from day one. We started OfficeRnD because we believe that workspaces could be something more – platforms that help you focus on your work, give you access to knowledge you didn’t have before and connect you to like-minded professionals.

Because of that, every day we strive to help coworking spaces – the champions of the future of work, deliver better experiences to their customers, more power to their brand, and sustainable growth to their business.

Customer Success Team

  • Miroslav Miroslavov CEO and Co-founder

    Miro is an experienced software engineer, product manager, entrepreneur, and blogger. He helped grow the company from an idea to being one of the world’s most popular coworking management software platforms. He’s a big fan of flexible working and is dedicated to Make Coworking the Way of Working.

  • Martin Kirov Chief Revenue Officer

    Marto loves helping companies grow and push to reach their full potential. In particular, he enjoys finding different ways of improving the customer journey and the way our clients experience OfficeRnD products and services.  He graduated college in Germany and before OfficeRnD he held leadership roles at Telerik and Chaos Group and co-founded a software company with a friend.

  • Jessica Knapp APAC Regional Manager

    A self-proclaimed ‘Coworking fanatic’, Jessica loves what she does at OfficeRnD because she gets to talk to many owners and operators from all over the world, connecting with them about Coworking in general, but also helping them work out their software needs. She loves that she has an international perspective on Coworking as it informs how she guides her clients and keeps her knowledge on the industry varied and up to date. She likes that OfficeRnD is a vital component of a much larger eco-system, and figuring out member experience, and working on the coworking software stack is where she has the most fun in her job. Also attending Coworking conferences where she gets to ‘geek out’ on community with her Coworking peeps.

  • Mike Everts US Regional Manager

    Joining the OfficeRnD team is a great opportunity to use the knowledge that he has learned from the industry to help build a software that will empower owners across the world with the best tech and tools to run their spaces. Prior to joining our team, Mike served as President and Co-founder of SharedSpace — a high-tech workspace and client of ours, focused on serving local communities in the Atlanta suburbs.

  • Tina Stancheva Customer Services Director

  • Momchil Andreev Marketing and Product Strategy Director

    A technology enthusiast by heart, Momchil spent the last decade in technology companies helping them build and push to market products that help other businesses succeed commercially. His confidence that technology is a driver for good mixed with his appreciation of good customer experience led him to join the OfficeRnD team, where he’s now driven by the goal of helping our industry change how people “consume” workspaces in a way that improves the quality of their well being and chance of professional success.

  • Ivan Guberkov Sales Director

    Ivan loves Sales because you have the opportunity to create relationships and help people achieve what they didn’t think was possible. Throughout the sales journey, he has been able to meet so many different people from all walks of life, each with their own, unique story. The long-term relationships that have developed because of them have been a huge benefit. He is results-oriented, always trying to optimize and most importantly – deliver on his promises. Before joining OfficeRnD, he worked for two of the most successful Bulgarian software companies – Telerik and Chaos Group.

  • Michaela Ivanova Content Marketing Manager

    Michaela is dedicated to exploring the flexible workspace industry and turning those insights into impactful content resources that help operators manage and scale their business more efficiently. Besides marketing, coworking, and tech, she’s passionate about leadership, startups, mental health, and sustainable living. When not at the office, you can often find her outdoors – hiking, snowboarding, or simply enjoying the sun.

  • Albena Yordanova Onboarding & Customer Success Manager

  • Vineeth Gireesan Support Manager

  • Tsvetelina Petrova Demand Generation Manager

    Passionate about all things digital and telling our brand story in a compelling way, Tsveti makes sure we reach the right people at the right time with the right content. When not crafting marketing campaigns to shape the coworking industry, she enjoys exploring new places and cultures. Also a huge theater, classical literature and escape rooms fan.

  • Boris Marinov Inside Sales Representative

    Boris is super excited to be working in the multi-national environment of OfficeRnD and exploring various business models and opportunities in the flexible workspace sector. His professional background includes working as a Capital Markets consultant at Cushman & Wakefield but the passion for technology disruption in the Real Estate sector brought him to OfficeRnD.

  • Monika Pavlova Onboarding & Customer Success

  • Rado Enchev Onboarding & Customer Success

  • Viliyana Mutafova Onboarding & Customer Success

    Viliyana is focused on helping customers get the most out of our product. Customer Success & Onboarding aligns with her intrinsic motivators – the need to add value & the desire to help things grow. Before joining the team, she was organizing a Hackathon series initiated to boost the Estonian local startup scene by bringing the Silicon Valley attitude to Eastern Europe as well as to other developing markets.

  • Alex Vitanov Support & Customer Success

  • Gabriela Krasteva Support & Customer Success

  • Blagoy Dzhiganski Support & Customer Success

  • Daniel Ninov Support & Customer Success

  • Natalia Cholakova Support & Customer Success

  • Teodor Petrov Support & Customer Success

  • Vasil Ivanov Support & Customer Success

  • Teodora Georgieva HR Specialist

    Teodora loves taking care of the amazing team of OfficeRnD. She makes sure the organization grows in a healthy way and everybody feels at home in our office. She started her professional path as a translator and graduated with a degree in Organizational Psychology. Teodora has interest in developmental psychology and cooking. She is also a certified Laughter Yoga leader.

Product Success Team

  • Miroslav Nedyalkov Software Architect and Co-founder

  • Deyan Varchev CTO

  • Andrew Andreev Engineering Manager

  • Yosif Yosifov Engineering Manager

  • Milko Diankov QA Manager

  • Deyan Ginev Senior Software Developer

  • Stoyan Ivanov Senior Front-End Developer

  • Martin Kanovski Product Owner

    Marto ensures all of our features bring value to the users. You can ask Marto all about our current and short-term roadmap. He is also a keen LEGO builder and snowboarder in his free time.

  • Aleksandra Aleksandrova Product Designer

    Alex is excited about keeping our products looking fresh. She makes sure our users have the smoothest experience and frictionless interactions using our platforms. Also huge automotive fan and sports enthusiast.

  • Peter Kanev Developer

  • Iskra Lumbeva Junior Developer

    Excited about being part of a fast-growing, global company, Iskra is dedicated to develop fully-functional and smoothly running tools that power the office revolution. In her free time she enjoys theather, reading, needlepointing, cooking and wine tasting.

  • Nikolay Atanasov Developer

  • Rosen Ivanov Junior Developer

  • Delyan Yanev DevOps Engineer

  • Vladimir Tumbev Junior Developer

  • Tihomir Valkanov Developer

    Working in a dynamic environment with smart and smiley people trying to solve a problem – that’s the dream. He loves programming but looking at his CV, he admits he might love startups even more.

  • Angel Mizinov Junior Developer

    Angel loves the dynamic atmosphere at our company and his direct contribution to the rapid growth of our products. What motivates him the most is the fact that he can see the results of his daily work in such a short time.



  • Todor Balabanov Junior QA







Ben Munn

Managing Director
Flexible Space, JLL

Ben has spent his career helping customers to get flexibility and choice in the workplaces they use.

At JLL Ben provides global oversight of JLL’s Flexible Space offerings, partnering closely with the global Product Management team along with the global Delivery, Digital, Sales, Marketing and Account Management teams to ensure successful launch, commercialization and adoption around the world.

Ben has more than 20 years of real estate and workplace leadership experience. Prior to JLL Ben served as a Managing Director, Business and Solution Development at the Instant Group, the largest flexible space broker and provider of custom flexible space in the UK. There he helped Instant through the process of finding their current investment partner, Bowmark Capital. Before Instant he led Regus’s Corporate Services business globally. He served as the Global Head of Workplace Strategy at CBRE, and also established JLL’s Workplace Strategy practice in EMEA 11 years ago. Ben started his career in the post room of Gensler’s London office, eventually growing through the business to lead their consulting practice in London.

Ben started working with OfficeRnD in early 2016 near the beginning of our journey.

He is married to Kate, has two boys and a dog, and lives in London.

The OfficeRnD team inspire me with their focus on the customer and the product. The care they show in always putting the customer and their needs first is rare and valuable. I have been lucky enough to watch their journey from the early days and am incredibly impressed with what they have achieved to date. And the most exciting thing is that the best is yet to come!”

  • "What I like most about OfficeRnD is its usability and the fact that the information is presented simply and cleanly."

    Damon Kornhauser_alley
    Damon Kornhauser
    VP Strategy | Alley
  • "OfficeRnD is taking a huge administrative burden out of our location level. You’ve done a great job of developing and integrating reporting, accounting and the member facing experience in one platform."

    kane willmott_iq offices
    Kane Willmott
    Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices
  • "OfficeRnD is the brains behind our operations, especially because of its many integrations. It just helps us make sure that everything works when we open the doors of a new location."

    silvi us&co
    Sylvi Wilamowska
    Operations Manager, Business Space | Us&Co

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