OfficeRnD Coworking Software Features

OfficeRnD is the ultimate management platform for coworking and flex spaces. It enables operators to automate administrative processes, make data-driven decisions, and deliver an amazing member experience.

Coworking Software Capabilities

  • A Complete View of Your Members’ Lifecycle

    OfficeRnD acts like a coworking CRM that is your single point of truth for the complete lifecycle of your members. Manage relationships from lead to revenue, remove friction in your members’ journey and improve client retention.

    • Member and company accounts
    • Leads and opportunities
    • Issues tracking
    • Guests management
  • Keep Track of Memberships and Contracts

    Easily manage and create contracts and licenses for the full range of your services from one-off products to flexible memberships.

    • Membership management
    • Full-range of contract types
    • Customizable contract templates
    • Contract Lifecycle Management
    • Configurable stepped deals
    • Contract Approval Workflows
kenny kane
Kenny Kane

Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace

With OfficeRnD, we spend a lot less time managing memberships and billing.
  • Automate Billing and Payments

    Automate your whole billing process to save time and ensure your accounting records are always up to date. Get real time reports on revenue and invoice payment statuses.

    • Custom recurring and one-off plans
    • Automatic billing and invoicing
    • Billing multi-site support
    • Real-time dashboards and reports
    • Natively integrated with payment gateways.
    • Deep integration with Xero and Quickbooks
  • Stay on Top of Meeting Room Management

    Allow members and guests to go online and book, pay and manage their meeting room reservations in any of your centers. Our booking system is available on the web and mobile (iOS and Android) and is tightly integrated with Billing, Access Control and WiFi.

    • Web and mobile member booking apps
    • Meeting room display apps
    • Manage meeting room inventory and pricing
    • Allocate hourly or monetary credits to memberships
    • Set rules for meeting room bookings and cancelations
    • See detailed usage analytics for every meeting room
    • Increase meeting room usage with public bookings
  • Impress Members With Premium Member Apps

    Improve members satisfaction by giving them the tools they need to interact with your space and staff in real time. Remove basic administrative tasks from your customer teams, so they can focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

    • OfficeRnD Members – Branded Web Portal
    • OfficeRnD Members – Branded Mobile App (iOS and Android)
    • OfficeRnD Rooms
    • OfficeRnD Reception

    OfficeRnD Marketplace

    Connect your members with the foods, stores, services, and products they love to build a thriving digital marketplace.

    • Add physical stores to your digital marketplace
    • Manage orders through the mobile app
    • Support catering requests with ease

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  • Improve Visibility and Collaboration in Your Community

    Keep your community engaged and connected. Increase member’s visibility, stimulate knowledge-share and nurture business relationships by exposing members to each other and giving them the means to collaborate.

    • Online members directory
    • Events management
    • Posts timeline
    • In-app messages (+ integration with Slack)
  • Easily Manage and Report on Resources

    Visualize and communicate availability in a nice and easy way to keep everybody on the same page. Get the ability to click and get insight into revenue, occupancy timeframes, agreements and more.

    • Interactive floor plans
    • Visual resource management
    • Occupancy dashboards
    • Utilization reports
    • Custom resources

    OfficeRnD Analytics

    Review and interact with detailed real time reports of your core business metrics throughout the workspace.

    • Review pre-built dashboards with core business metrics
    • Visualize data your way with custom dashboards and widgets
    • Updated reporting engine and creation pipeline
  • Stay on Top of Multi-location Management

    OfficeRnD makes managing multiple locations seamless by providing multi-location features across the entire platform. Easily manage all aspects of all your locations, including:

    • Billing and Payments
    • Resource Management
    • Communication and Engagement
    • Reporting
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Connect your members with the foods, stores, services, and products they love to build a thriving digital marketplace.
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Connected to all the tools you love

Plug-n-Play: We’ve already integrated with many key business systems so you can simply log in and get back to business.


  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Door Access
  • WiFi


What’s next?

We’d love to show you how OfficeRnD can help you reduce administrative tasks and stay on top of key business metrics.

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