Nurture Collaboration for Hybrid Teams

Make it simple to schedule real-life interactions with collaborative scheduling

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Check Who’s in Each Day

See who will be in the office any day of the week to help you plan your office days and hybrid schedule.

  • Navigate to your teammates’ desks to book one nearby
  • Always see your favorites first
  • Someone’s remote that day? Invite them to join onsite
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Invite a Teammate

In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can invite others to join you in the office.

  • For people managers: gather your team by inviting them to join you in the office and bulk booking desks.
  • For employees: reach out to a teammate with an invite to meet in the office.
  • For meeting organizers: invite all participants to be present in the booked room for the occasion.
scheduling software for collaboration dashboard
New Feature Highlight

Explore Workplace Services with OfficeRnD Hybrid

Now, you can enable custom services for any bookable resource you have in the workplace. Build a custom set up of the room for your next meeting, ask for additional equipment, and order catering for the next team gathering. Manage through a new, streamlined, organized, transparent, and easy process.

Find Which Days are the Best Office Days

Easily understand when to come to the office and quickly book your spot and other resources. Get suggested days (one or more) for you based on the following :

  • Shared days – based on invites from other teammates
  • Required days – based on the workplace policies that apply to you
  • Highlight days – best days to be in the office! Suggestions are based on the presence of colleagues marked as favorites as well as planned onsite meetings
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Work Together in Sync

Nurturing work connections and team engagement can be tricky in a hybrid environment. With Favorites, you can select up to 15 people to follow and plan your office time in sync.

  • If they are working remotely, you can invite them to the office
  • If they are working from the office, check which desk they have booked and make sure you’re close by.
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We Are a Leader on G2

We’re thrilled to be awarded the Leader badges for Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems, Space Management and Hybrid Enablement.


“For the first time, our office is adopting a flexible working modality in an activity-based office space. OfficeRnD is helping us better manage this transition and new modality by booking workstations, collaboration areas, meeting rooms, call booths, etc.”

Vrouyr J.
Head of Experimentation

Learn About Collaborative Scheduling

  • What is collaborative scheduling?
    Collaborative scheduling for hybrid teams is all about using technology to make it easy for employees to schedule real-life interactions in the office and gather for the moments that matter. Introducing the right set of tools to people which can help them invite each other, engage in onsite activities, and facilitate their work plans is essential for nurturing truly thriving hybrid teams.
  • What are the benefits of using a platform for collaborative scheduling?
    Leveraging a collaborative scheduling platform enables organizations to enhance face-to-face collaboration, leading to improved individual and team productivity, enhanced performance, heightened employee engagement, and strengthened loyalty. These factors hold paramount significance in the context of hybrid teams.
  • What are the main features of the OfficeRnD Hybrid collaboration tool?
    The product displays people present in the office along with their booked desks, spanning across single or multiple locations. You gain insight for both the current day and future weeks, enabling seamless planning for office visits and on-site meetings. Moreover, the collaborative scheduling tool empowers employees to easily invite a team member or a colleague to join in the office for an informal catch-up or a dedicated meeting. Furthermore, the intuitive Schedule page offers an overview of close collaborators or Favorites, facilitating invitations to the office or bookings of neighboring desks.
  • Does the collaborative scheduling tool integrate with other platforms?
    Yes, the platform seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook.

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