Hybrid Work Software

Give your team modern and easy-to-use booking tools for coordinating hybrid schedules and improving collaboration
Hybrid Work
  • Simplify desk booking

    Give your team a solution for managing their hybrid schedule with an easy-to-use and powerful booking tool, as part of a seamless hybrid work platform.

    • Manage assigned and shared desks
    • Enable Hot desking or Desk hoteling
    • Find and reserve an office seat from anywhere – on mobile, web, Microsoft Teams, Outlook or Google Calendar, and Chrome.
    • Make it a quick booking for a day or a recurring one
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  • Streamline conference room scheduling

    Make it easy to find and book spaces with our customizable hybrid work system and meeting room booking software.

    • Find available spaces with advanced search based on location, size, and room amenities
    • Book from mobile, web, Outlook or Google Calendar
    • Get notifications and reminders or automatically free the room if it’s not used
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  • Increase employee engagement with hybrid workplace experience apps

    Improve employees’ office experience with easy to use mobile app and web portal.

    • Allow them to book desks, meeting spaces or any other type of space.
    • Communicate company policies, events and benefits 
    • Send company-wide or private announcements 
    • Streamline facility requests and tickets

    Our hybrid workplace management software includes easy-to-use workplaces apps that are highly customizable and fully white-labeled using highest security infrastructure.

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  • Get your workplace, fully integrated with Microsoft

    Our hybrid work platform enables you to provide an immersive hybrid work experience to your employees, natively integrated in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.

    • Login with your Microsoft credentials
    • Find and reserve a desk on the floor plan within Teams
    • Book a meeting room from Teams or Outlook
    • Schedule your team office visits from anywhere
    Desk Booking Microsoft Teams
  • Get your workplace, fully integrated with Google Workspace

    Our hybrid work platform enables you to provide an immersive hybrid work experience to your employees, natively integrated in Google Calendar, Google Chrome, and Google Workspace.

    • Login with your Google credentials
    • Find and reserve a desk on the floor plan within Chrome, or Slack
    • Book a meeting room from Chrome or Google Calendar
    • Schedule your team office visits from anywhere
  • Create hybrid work policies, measure, and improve your workplace

    Whether you want to ensure your teams are coming 3 days a week to the office, or you want to give full flexibility, you’d better rely on a hybrid office software that is built for purpose.

    OfficeRnD Hybrid can take the burden of managing hybrid work schedules off your shoulders.

  • Make it simple to schedule real-life interactions

    Empower your employees to connect, collaborate and socialize.

    • Help your team decide when to come to the office
    • Sync office visits and meeting schedules
    • Enhance productivity for all your team members
    hybrid workplace analytics software
  • Hybrid Anywhere – work from where it works!

    Enable employees to find and book any workspace in minutes. Let them choose between the main HQ of your company, the regional offices or any coworking space part of LiquidSpace’s global network of thousands of workplaces. Main features include:

    • A dynamic dashboard for making and managing bookings
    • Real-time availability of coworking and flexible workspaces
    • Real-time reports and insights
    • Control mechanisms
    Work from Anywhere
  • Delight guests with visitor management system

    Welcome guests with a delightful visitors management system that saves you time and keeps the workplace safe.

    • Collect visitor information on entry with a tablet app
    • Use contactless sign-in
    • Notify employees when their guests arrive for a meeting

    Using a reception management system can streamline your hybrid workplace management and improve employee and guests experience.

    Reception App | hybrid workplace management software
  • Our hybrid work software allows you to ensure health and safety protocols in your office.

    Track the physical presence of employees and set appropriate limits to the number of people in the office.

    • Presence tracking – any time an employee books a room or a desk, a check-in (through email or the mobile app) is required 
    • Capacity enforcement – set the maximum number of allowed bookings per day in any floor of any location
    hybrid work office software
  • Adapt your office space for hybrid work

    Use the most powerful hybrid workplace platform to easily manage your office space, desks, rooms, parking spots, etc. Make your space ready for the future of hybrid work. 

    • Manage your floorpans easily
    • Create custom spaces and resources 
    • Enable Activity-based working via Neighborhoods
    • Manage multiple office locations with ease
    software for hybrid work
  • Connect the tools you already use

    OfficeRnD Hybrid connects to all the platforms you need to ensure seamless hybrid work experience for your employees.

    • Enable Single-sign-on (SSO) via Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
    • Connect Microsoft Teams or Google Chrome for an easier booking experience
    • Synchronize schedules with Outlook and Google Calendar
    • Connect your workplace Access Control or WiFi for automated presence tracking
    • Extend the platform via robust APIs

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  • Optimize your hybrid workplace

    Optimize your hybrid office with the help of 360 space usage analytics.

    • Understand your shared or assigned desk and meeting space utilization 
    • Monitor how your teams use space and modify your workspace strategy accordingly
    • Create custom reports and dashboards and have them delivered to your inbox whenever you need them
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As an ISO 27001 and GDPR certified, and SOC 2 (for Security, Availability, Confidentiality and Privacy) compliant organization, we also continue to keep client information secure while minimizing risk to data security breaches.

For more detailed information on how we keep our systems secure and what steps we take to build security into our products, please refer to this whitepaper.


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Dedicated Onboarding, Support and Customer Success

Helping you become more successful is our mission. That’s why we put immense focus on supporting you through the implementation, adoption, and use of the OfficeRnD workplace solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is software for hybrid and remote teams?
    A software for hybrid work allows you to enable and manage the hybrid work model efficiently. It includes important features such as visual desk booking, conference room scheduling, meeting room booking, visitor management system, and others.
  • What is a hybrid work model?
    A hybrid workplace model is a flexible way of working that allows employees to work remotely or from the office, based on their preferences or according to the company’s policies. It has become popular because of COVID-19 and the health concerns raised in the workplace. The main benefits for employees are more flexibility and improved work-life balance. A recent report revealed that 63% of high-growth companies are already using the hybrid model.
  • What are some examples of tools used for hybrid work?
    Some important tools for hybrid working include desk and meeting room booking systems, desk scheduling software, collaboration and communication tools (Asana, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook), and document management tools such as Google Drive and Box. For more details, check out our article on the must-have hybrid work tools.
  • Is it difficult to use hybrid office management software?
    It depends on the software. The best hybrid workplace system should be uncomplicated and user-friendly. It must require minimum effort to set up and use. A good example is OfficeRnD Hybrid which is often praised for its easiness of use.
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