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Elevate employees' experience with an all-in-one hybrid workplace solution with seamless design and top-notch support. With OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can book desks and spaces with ease, manage meeting rooms and collaborate. Grow and expand based on data.

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Why Choose Us

Intuitive design

User-friendly design that makes every interaction a breeze for both employees and admins

Simple, yet powerful

Build and change your workplace as you grow with advanced and customizable solution

App-less experience

No new apps or tabs needed for Microsoft and Google organizations

Reinvent Your Hybrid Workplace Experience

Find and book the right place to work

Seamlessly book your preferred spaces in a snap with our intuitive and user-friendly interactive floor plan. Our advanced scheduling and customization capabilities will elevate your booking experience and make your workdays more productive and efficient in a hybrid work setup.

  • Navigate through interactive office maps
  • Filter to find the right space and resources
  • Book any space with ease
  • Make bookings private or recurring
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Create spaces for collaboration

Make it easy for your hybrid employees to find and book rooms for onsite collaboration on any device through a seamless experience. By streamlining the booking process, you can significantly reduce admin work and increase people’s workplace satisfaction.

  • Build and manage meeting rooms schedules
  • Enroll advanced booking capabilities
  • Integrate with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Set up meeting room displays
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Enable employees to work together

Empower your team in a hybrid work environment and improve productivity and performance through onsite collaboration and transperancy. Through easy-to-use collaborative scheduling features, our product can show you who’s in the office to help you plan your day and the weeks ahead.

  • See who’s in each day
  • Get suggestions for best onsite days
  • Plan a weekly hybrid schedule with Favorites in mind
  • Send and receive invites with custom messages
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Evolving Workplaces: Top Hybrid Work Trends in 2024

Hear an insightful conversation on what the future holds for hybrid work in 2024 and beyond! We promise a stellar panel of speakers and takeaways that will undoubtedly set you up for success ringing in the new year!

Everything You Need in One Hybrid Work Solution

Presence tracking
Track employees' presence with check-ins
Workplace analytics
Modify your workplace strategy based on data
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Space management
Enable hot desking or office hoteling practices
Workplace policies 
Create custom policies for your team’s office days
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Visitor management
Simplify the process of hosting visitors in your office
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Multi-location management
Manage with ease multiple offices around the world

Built to Support Your Hybrid Work from Anywhere

Learn about Hybrid Work Software

  • What is hybrid work software
    Hybrid workplace software is a digital tool designed to support and optimize the hybrid work model. Products like OfficeRnD Hybrid play a crucial role in enabling seamless communication, productivity, and collaboration within hybrid teams, ensuring a successful and efficient work environment where both remote and in-office employees can thrive.
  • How do I create a hybrid workplace?
    Here, the essential purpose of tools like ours is to help you manage your office and your organization seamlessly in hybrid work setup. Therefore it helps more with making sure that the space you have is enough and used in its best possible way to facilitate the needs of your employees, not as much to help people with communication. The aim of tool like ours is to turn the office of key play / hub for your organization where they might not spend all of their time but they spent the most productive and meaningful time for their work.
  • What is an example of hybrid work?
    An illustration of hybrid work involves employees adopting a work arrangement that combines remote work with in-office presence. In this setup, employees may divide their time between working from home and working at the office. This could entail working remotely for a portion of the week and reporting to the office for the remaining days, or it could involve working from home in the morning and transitioning to the office in the afternoon.
  • What are the benefits of hybrid work?
    Hybrid work brings diverse benefits to organizations and employees. By combining remote and in-office work, it enhances flexibility, work-life balance, and productivity and cost-saving. Organizations enjoy access to broader talent, and better business continuity. With the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, hybrid work is a powerful approach that fosters a dynamic and engaged workforce while unlocking the potential for growth and success
  • Do I need a hybrid work software to foster hybrid working?
    Implementing a hybrid work tool can significantly enhance the efficiency and collaboration within a hybrid work team. It provides a solution for desk and room booking, scheduling, planning, and collaboration, which becomes especially valuable when team members are working from different locations. It can boost and streamline your workplace experience as well as keep your employees engaged and productive.

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“OfficeRnD's commitment to continuous improvement and exceptional support has made our transition to a hybrid workplace seamless and efficient.”

Matthew Lodwig
Global HR Operations Lead at Tide

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