Hybrid work software

Advanced Workplace Analytics and Insights

Optimize your space and understand how your teams work in the new way of working
Workplace Analytics
Monitor your office space utilization

OfficeRnD Workplace Analytics comes with all the reports and dashboards you need to track desk usage, space utilization, and various types of occupancy metrics.

You can have all dashboards and reports delivered to your inbox whenever you need them too.

Hybrid Work Software
Hot Desks
Workplace Engagement Insights

Keep track of how your employees and teams use all the available spaces, such as desks, meeting rooms, or parking spaces.

Learn how your teams collaborate and engage with the workplace.

Hybrid Work Adoption Insights

Learn how your hybrid work policies are being adopted by your employees and teams. Adopting your policies and following the schedules is key for the success of your work transformation. Being able to measure and keep track of this can help you adjust, improve and make them fit the culture of your organizations and teams.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

OfficeRnD Analytics is powered by a BI platform underneath that allows you to dive deeper into your data and create your own dashboards and reports.

By utilizing your data, you can achieve predictive workplace analytics:

  • Right-size real estate: develop an office that perfectly supports a flexible workforce
  • Enable a reactive office: use data to seamlessly adapt the workplace according to employee requirements
  • Support continuous improvement: reshape your hybrid work policies based on data and insights
Powerful BI Reporting Engine

OfficeRnD Analytics is a powerful data platform and business intelligence tool. It is based on an integrated BI, which facilitates the creation of new reports. The platform enables the manipulation of reports with interactive data sets and filters and provides the ability to export or email reports automatically.

Using OfficeRnD Analytics you can easily create high-value, interactive, and analytical dashboards.

officernd analytics
  • What is Hybrid work?
    Hybrid work is a workplace model where employees work partly from the office and partly remotely. Some companies enforce hybrid work schedules with a baseline for being in the office (e.g., 3 days a week), while others allow for more flexibility by letting employees choose when to come to the office. Continue reading about Hybrid work.
  • What is Desk hoteling?
    Desk Hoteling (sometimes called office hoteling) is an organization system, where employees reserve workstations before coming to the office, typically via a desk booking system. Hoteling provides greater control for employees and removes the possibility of arriving to work to find out there are no free workstations. Hoteling is often used by companies that have a more mature hybrid work model, especially those that mandate employees be in the office a set number of days per week. Continue reading about Desk hoteling.
  • What is Hot desking?

    Hot desking is an office organization system where workstations (shared desks) are not assigned and cannot be reserved in advance, so employees don’t know where they’ll be sitting on any given day. There are different ways to make hot desking work, like a “first come, first serve” basis, or on a rotational or shift-based principle. Regardless of the mechanism, hot desking offers more freedom, but less control over desk availability. This arrangement is frequently used by companies that don’t mandate employees to come to the office. Continue reading about hot desking.

  • What is Workplace management software?
    A workplace management platform is an essential software solution for any organization that wants to enable hybrid work and transition to a flexible workforce. Workplace platforms help companies create safer, more flexible, and more delightful employees’ workplace experiences. Furthermore, it streamlines the day-to-day work-related processes that get in the way of great work. It usually features desk booking system, meeting room scheduling platform, space management capabilities and workplace experience apps. Read more about workplace management systems here.
  • What is Desk booking system?
    A desk booking system is a software platform that’s fundamental for any organization enabling flexible and hybrid ways of working. All desk booking systems enable users to essentially book desks before coming to the office. However, the most important elements of good desk booking software are ease of use, customizations, and support for modern workplace strategies such as desk hoteling, hot-desking, and activity-based working. Read more about desk booking software here.
  • What is Meeting room booking system?
    A meeting booking system is a software platform that’s fundamental for any organization enabling flexible and hybrid ways of working. All conference booking systems enable users to essentially book rooms. However, the most important elements of good meeting room booking software are ease of use, customizations, and availability of the system on all screens and devices. Read more about conference room booking software here.

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OfficeRnD integrates easily into the Microsoft 365 Teams applications giving you an interactive floorplan interface. SSO and Outlook integration was an easy setup process. Customer Service, Technical Support and Onboarding has been stellar. This software meets our every requirement which includes full Teams integration.

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