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  • flex and coworking industry insights
    Nov 1 | 1 PM BST
    FlexWorld Series 2023: Revolutionizing Work, Redefining Flex Spaces
  • flexworld_Resources Header_456x220 px
    FlexWorld 2022 Conference: Where the Future of Work Meets the Office of Tomorrow
    FlexForward: How Flex Space 3.0 is Shaping the New World of Work
  • FlexWorld Conference
    FlexWorld 2021 Conference: Meet the Future of Work


  • webinar icon WEBINAR
    Unlock the Power of Search: Drive Traffic to Your Coworking Space
  • webinar icon WEBINAR
    The Key to a Successful Hybrid Work Transition: Intentional Collaboration
  • webinar icon WEBINAR
    Accelerating Your Flex Workspace Pipeline
  • webinar icon WEBINAR
    How to Simplify Hybrid Work Through Scheduling & Integrations
  • OfficeRnD Product Vision 2021
    webinar icon WEBINAR
    OfficeRnD in 2021: Where we’re headed 🚀 and how we’ll get there 🙌
  • webinar icon WEBINAR
    Master Digitalization & Automation of Flexible Workspaces
  • Presenting OfficeRnD Reception App and Q4 product improvements
    webinar icon WEBINAR
    Q4 Product Update Webinar: Presenting OfficeRnD Reception App
  • how to use OfficeRnD Member Portal
    webinar icon WEBINAR
    How to Engage and Strengthen Your Community with OfficeRnD
  • post covid coworking metrics
    webinar icon WEBINAR
    Know your numbers – track your leading KPIs in OfficeRnD
  • coworking growth strategy
    Successfully Expanding & Growing Your Coworking Space
  • engage coworking members
    Digital Communication and Community Engagement
  • officernd tutorial terms
    Lost in Translation – Get to know the OfficeRnD’s vocabulary
  • OfficeRnD features during COVID-19 crisis
    Handling the COVID-19 crisis – better together
  • coworking meeting rooms management
    How to Design Top-Performing Meeting Rooms for Coworking Spaces
  • coworking successful team strategies
    Hiring & Building Teams for Scaling Coworking Spaces
  • sell hotdesks to corporations
    How to Increase Your Coworking Revenue by Selling Desks to Corporations
  • improve member experience in flex spaces
    How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience while Scaling Your Coworking Space
  • coworking community events
    How to Attract New Coworking Members Through Events & Building a Solid Community
  • lead generation for coworking spaces
    Your 90-Day Plan To Attract New Coworking Members
  • coworking events
    How to Grow Your Coworking Business by Organizing Events
  • coworking sales pipeline
    Optimize Your Coworking Sales Funnel for Better Results
  • how to expand your coworking business
    Multi-Location Marketing Strategies: How to Fill a Space in New (or Existing) Market
  • expand coworking space
    Opening a Second Coworking Space: Location, Location, Location
  • coworking app
    Intro to OfficeRnD

Explainer Videos

  • webinar icon VIDEO
    OfficeRnD Flex: The Leading Coworking And Flex Space Management Platform
  • webinar icon VIDEO
    OfficeRnD Flex: Easy-To-Use Coworking Space Management Software
  • webinar icon VIDEO
    OfficeRnD Hybrid: Desk Booking Software That’s Easy to Set Up and Use
  • webinar icon VIDEO
    OfficeRnD Hybrid Solves The Complexity Of Managing A Hybrid Workplace


  • Resources Header free templates hybrid ornd
    ebook icon EBOOK
    Free Hybrid Work Templates and How to Thrive in Hybrid Work
  • hybrid work guidelines
    ebook icon EBOOK
    Guidelines and Policies for Optimizing Your Hybrid Workplace
  • Hybrid Work guidelines
    ebook icon EBOOK
    How to Build a Hybrid Workplace Model: A Practical eBook for Organizational Leaders
  • reopen your flex space
    ebook icon EBOOK
    How to Reopen & Future-Proof Your Flex Space post-COVID-19
  • coworking meeting rooms usage
    ebook icon EBOOK
    How to Measure and Improve Performance of Meeting Rooms in Coworking Spaces
  • scale coworking business
    ebook icon EBOOK
    The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Expanding Your Coworking Space


  • hybrid-trends-2023-report-resources
    report icon REPORT
    The 2023 Hybrid Work Trends Report
  • report icon REPORT
    FlexIndex: Get an Unprecedented View of the Flex Space Industry
  • 2020 coworking trends
    report icon REPORT
    2020 Coworking Industry Report by CoworkIntel
  • flexible workspace industry trends
    2020 State of the Flexible Workspace Industry Report
    6 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Flex Space Management Platform
  • platform for flex space management
    How To Select the Best Software for Your Coworking or Flex Space


  • coworking expansion strategy
    infographic icon INFOGRAPHIC
    5 Things You Need To Know Before Expanding Your Coworking Business
  • automate billing, payments and accounting
    infographic icon INFOGRAPHIC
    The Coworking Integrations Trifecta: Invoicing, Billing & Accounting


  • The Revolution is Here: Flex, Hybrid, and the Future of the Workplace
  • FlexWorld: An Introductory Episode


  • flex space business model
    webinar icon PANEL
    Building a Successful Post-COVID Flex Space Business Model
  • retain clients for flexible workspaces
    webinar icon PANEL
    Business Strategies to Attract and Retain Clients
  • Coworking Challenges COVID-19 Pandemic
    webinar icon PANEL
    Throwback To 2020 – A Crazy Year To Remember

The New Member Apps are here!

Ever wondered if you can provide a better experience to your members? Or thought about how to improve communication and engagement within your flex space?

If yes, we got you covered! The OfficeRnD member apps are the ultimate tools for providing an amazing digital experience to members.

If we got you interested, you can explore OfficeRnD even further! Book a demo or start a 30-day free trial and we’ll walk you through the ultimate platform for coworking and flex spaces.

  • Manage Maintenance Issues with OfficeRnD Platform
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    Manage Maintenance Issues with OfficeRnD Platform
  • video podcast icon PRODUCT VIDEO
    Welcome to OfficeRnD
    Book a Meeting
  • video podcast icon PRODUCT VIDEO
    Presenting the new OfficeRnD Member Apps
    Book Live Demo
  • How OfficeRnD Helps Coworking Spaces During COVID-19
    blog post icon BLOG POST
    How OfficeRnD Helps Coworking Spaces During COVID-19
  • Engage Your Coworking Community Online with Video Rooms
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    Engage Your Coworking Community Online with Video Rooms
  • Intro to OfficeRnD
    webinar icon WEBINAR
    Intro to OfficeRnD

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