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Empower employees to easily find and reserve available seats on beautiful maps
Manage assigned desks, hot desking, and desk hoteling

Give everyone a live floor plan of the office with desks and rooms that are available. Make it easy for your teams to reserve office seats or schedule rooms for their meetings. OfficeRnD Hybrid desk booking software offers an advanced scheduling platform that fully supports different working models, like :

Our flex space management capabilities support all styles of hybrid work and will make your employees’ office seat reservation experience a breeze.

desk booking software
Desk Booking Microsoft Teams
Find and book desks on all devices – Mobile, Web, Teams, Outlook, or Google

Employees can find and book a desk on the day or in advance through our mobile app or web portal, as well as directly within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar, or via Chrome extension.

Our aim is to provide an immersive workplace experience to your employees by simplifying the desk scheduling process. Having an advanced desk booking system, bundled with an easy-to-use hot desk booking app is key to bringing your offices to the world of hybrid work.

Use the Desk Management Software to Invite Teammates to Collaborate

Let your team choose where they sit to get the most out of the day. Once you book a desk with the desk management software, invite your teammates to join you at a nearby desk or directly place a booking for them via our delegated bookings functionality.

Using hot desking and office hoteling software can significantly increase employee collaboration when done right!

Desk assignments

Give certain employees a permanent seat assignment to use when they’re in the office. Assigned desks are not available for flexible booking and desk availability can be updated with a few clicks.

Desk utilization analytics

Thanks to advanced desk booking software you can make smarter decisions to optimize your office space and lower real estate costs. Understand how desks are utilized and adjust availability to make optimal use of the office space.

By using a proper desk hoteling app and office booking system in combination with hybrid work policies, you can significantly reduce your real estate footprint, while increasing employee workplace engagement and satisfaction in your offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is desk booking software?
    Desk booking software is a tool that allows coworkers to reserve their work desks for a day or more before coming to the office. Such a tool is essential for any company that uses the hybrid work model because it eliminates wasted space and allows for smoother space management and employee collaboration.
  • What is hot desk software?
    Based on the hot desking concept, hot desk software enables employees to book desks prior to going to the office. It’s an office desk booking system that improves workforce collaboration and engagement. For employers, using such a tool provides insights about desk utilization, thus helping to decrease office space costs and resources dramatically
  • What is hot desk booking?
    Hot desk booking is when employees book their desks in advance via desk management software. The term is often used interchangeably with desk hoteling booking and desk booking.
  • How to choose the best desk booking software?
    The best desk booking software should make it easy for employees to find, schedule, and reserve desks and meeting rooms on interactive floor maps. It should also allow them to do the booking on multiple devices and platforms including mobile, web, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Google. An important feature is desk utilization analytics, which helps in making better decisions in terms of space and cost optimization.

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Sarah Wells

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OfficeRnD integrates easily into the Microsoft 365 Teams applications giving you an interactive floorplan interface. SSO and Outlook integration was an easy setup process. Customer Service, Technical Support and Onboarding has been stellar. This software meets our every requirement which includes full Teams integration.
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