Simple, Yet Powerful Desk Booking Software

Give your employees a quick and easy way to find and book desks on visual floor plans.

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Book Desk on Interactive Office Map

Navigate easily through the hybrid workplace on a visual floor plan in any office available around the world.

  • Find the right space for work with office map filters
  • Create recurring bookings for your favorite desk
  • Book for the entire day or only for the time you need

Create Areas for Different Teams or Functions

Build neighborhoods to organize your workplace and help teams collaborate and connect onsite. Create zones in your office with custom size, booking policies, and amenities available. You can create neighborhoods:

  • For different teams within the company
  • For colleagues with similar functions like design, HR, etc.
  • For specific projects or initiatives
  • For diverse activities such as a quiet zone, a chill area, and others
  • and more…
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Explore Workplace Services with OfficeRnD Hybrid

Now, you can enable custom services for any bookable resource you have in the workplace. Build a custom set up of the room for your next meeting, ask for additional equipment, and order catering for the next team gathering. Manage through a new, streamlined, organized, transparent, and easy process.

Assign Dedicated Desks

Offer a layer of flexibility for those who need their own space or specific workplace setup. Dedicated desks are the way to mark private offices or assigned seats in the virtual hybrid workplace. People with dedicated desks have:

  • Their own hybrid schedule
  • Custom booking policies
  • The ability to check-in

Comply with Privacy & Security Preferences

Make sure the solution you choose is answering all your organization’s preferences and requirements in the fields of privacy and security. OfficeRnD is ISO 27001 and GDPR certified and SOC 2 compliant organization. We provide:

  • SSO authentication
  • SCIM user provisioning
  • Option to create private bookings
  • Individual setup of default booking privacy

“Making recurring bookings for individual desks and meeting rooms is easy. Setting up whether staff members get reminders to check-in is also flexible.”

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Available Anytime, Accessible from Anywhere

Open the office map or quickly book from any screen or platform – mobile, web or directly within our integrations with Teams, Outlook, Slack or Chrome Extension for Google Calendar. Everyone can enjoy an equally seamless, automatically synced experience.

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We Are a Leader on G2

We’re thrilled to be awarded the Leader badges for Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems, Space Management and Hybrid Enablement.


“We looked at 2 other systems and this was by far the best functionality and value. It covers everything we need and is easy to find where everyone is siting.”

Richard Theakston
IT Manager - Dewhirst

Learn About Desk Booking System

  • What is a desk booking software?
    A desk booking software is a digital tool or application that facilitates the reservation and management of office desks or workspaces. It enables employees to find available desks, book them for specific time slots, and sometimes even choose their preferred locations within the office. Such a tool is essential for any company that uses the hybrid work model because it eliminates wasted space and allows for smoother space management and employee collaboration. It also assists companies in optimizing office space usage, tracking desk utilization data, and implementing flexible work arrangements, such as hot desking and desk hoteling, to accommodate changing workplace dynamics.
  • What is hot desking software?
    Based on the hot desking concept, hot desk software enables employees to book desks prior to going to the office. It’s an office desk booking system that improves workforce collaboration and engagement. For employers, using such a tool provides insights about desk utilization, thus helping to decrease office space costs and resources dramatically.
  • Why desk booking software is important?
    Such tools play a crucial role in modern workplace management, promoting flexibility, collaboration, and efficient use of resources, while also contributing to employee satisfaction and well-being.
  • How to choose the best desk booking software?
    The best desk booking software should make it easy for employees to find, schedule, and reserve desks and meeting rooms on interactive floor maps. It should also allow them to do the booking on multiple devices and platforms including mobile, web, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Google. An important feature is desk utilization analytics, which helps in making better decisions in terms of space and cost optimization.

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