Muller’s Success: Scaling A 32k Workforce with A Hybrid Work Model





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About The Muller Group


Müller is a family-owned company operating internationally in the food & logistics sector with around 31,700 employees and annual sales of 7.0 billion euros. The company comprises activities and numerous strong brands in the dairy, fish & deli, dressings, sauces, and services business. Müller has 22 office locations across Central Europe and UK. Our primary offices in Germany are Aretsried, Leppersdorf, and Freising with the primary UK office in Market Drayton.



Muller employees had a 100% in the office policy and then went fully remote during COVID. While the organization continued to grow with 22 locations throughout Europe and the UK, it was inevitable that they would need to address the issue of where to house employees as they returned to the office and the company embraced a hybrid workplace model.  Even with a new office opening in Germany and the refurbishment of another in the UK, they wanted to maintain a shared office space model. In addition, their hybrid work policy suggested that corporate employees to be in the office 3 days a week. Effective coordination of their hybrid policies started off manually with an Excel spreadsheet but it was clear that they needed a better solution that would enable them to continue to scale their operations.

The OfficeRnD Hybrid platform makes hybrid work, work for Muller by:

  • Allowing them to better manage real estate holdings and save money.
  • Creating efficiencies in their hybrid workplace model so they could scale throughout Europe and the UK
  • Make employees happy with a simple way to reduce confusion around return to office logistics
  • Eliminating friction in workflows that enable desk, room and other resource booking directly in native applications like Teams and Outlook
  • Providing a hybrid solution partner that is adaptable enough to quickly update features as they scale operations and uncover new use cases
  • There is no KPI defined. For me as the project manager success came with the happiness of the users.

    Thomas Sluka
    IT Project Manager

Adopting Hybrid Work Policies for 32k Employees in 22 Offices


Encourage employees to return to the office for collaboration and socialization

Muller was using manual processes like Excel spreadsheets to try and manage human and space resources as they returned to the office

Simplify workflows using existing tech stack

The entire team uses the MS Teams and Outlook app so their hybrid work model solution had to integrate and make desk and room booking simple.

A solution that can change with the times

Muller continued to expanded their employee base and locations post Covid.  With multiple variables, it was important for them to adopt a solution that could adapt with new workplace policies.

Integrating a Hybrid Workplace System with MS Teams for Office Collaboration and Scalability


Integrated with existing systems for ease of use

Muller used the OfficeRnD integrations to offer a native solution directly within Teams and Outlook. Set up was fast and simple, eliminating the need for yet another app that can slow down workflows which was not an option the Muller team. The end result is that a full 86% of desks are booked directly through Teams and 98% of all meeting rooms are booked directly from Outlook or Teams.

Easy for employees to collaborate and eliminate office conflicts

Their hybrid work policy suggests that employees physically work from the office 3 days a week and even with a relaxed mandate, the most important metric for the project owner was “employee happiness”.

For employees to want to go back to the office years of remote work, systems have to be easy and effective enough to encourage face to face work. OfficeRnD Hybrid provides simple desk and room booking natively while providing employees the visibility to other team member’s in-office schedules. Ultimately this promotes collaboration and reduces the anxiety of coming into the office and potentially being alone.

Effective at managing resources

Muller needed a solution that could handle their 22 locations and growing in a shared desk environment. Using the analytics module, team leaders and location managers can understand which resources are used and which can be eliminated or reduced for cost savings and efficiency. OfficeRnD enables Muller to manager multiple neighborhoods within a location and multiple locations as well allowing employees to be assigned to different teams without conflicting with team policies.

  • The reasons we went with OfficeRnD were the MS Teams integration, fast implementation without issues, great collaboration with OfficeRnD, everything worked as expected, and no concerns that the solution will cause issues in the future. It was also super easy to get started

    Thomas Sluka
    IT Project Manager

See It in Action or Try It Yourself

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