How Work Better Delivers Better Hybrid Experiences

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About Work Better

Work Better is a first of its kind coworking space in Bulgaria, providing a new generation of flex workspace that boosts productivity and creativity of its occupiers. Work Better provides members with strong partnerships, amazing atmosphere, perfection in each detail in our interior, variety of benefits & great diversity.

Members engage in an exciting workplace where they receive personalized service, an exclusive community, a well-established professional network, in-house events featuring wellness, lifestyle, and professional development programs and an amazing outside green area ideal for networking with fellow coworkers.



In this case study, we explore how WorkBetter transformed member experiences by adopting OfficeRnD’s Hybrid Workplace solution. Led by Co-Founder and CEO Tony Aleksandrov, WorkBetter shifted from traditional tools like Google Sheets and Excel to a more efficient, flexible workspace solution. With OfficeRnD’s technology integrated into their Flex Product, WorkBetter facilitated seamless hybrid scheduling and collaboration, significantly enhancing their operational approach and service to 43 member companies in the dynamic coworking sector.

  • Thanks to OfficeRnD - Workbetter is at the frontier of Hybrid working! 90% of our clients are using the Hybrid Workplace solution and almost all the new inquiries we are getting are asking for hybrid tools. 

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    Tony Aleksandrov
    CEO | Work Better

A Deeper Look at the Hybrid Workplace Integration


Adoption and Reception of the Hybrid Model:

Even before the pandemic, hybrid work models were gaining traction, as observed in Germany since 2018. However managing these models was often cumbersome, involving rudimentary tools like Google Sheets and Excel. The integration of OfficeRnD’s Hybrid Workplace solution marked a significant shift for Work Better, the way it did for Workhaus. As Tony Aleksandrov notes, “Having the chance to use the Hybrid integration makes our job extremely easy! Operators can finally answer the hybrid needs of members, and we have a great smooth process where both the clients and operators can be profitable.”

Currently, 43 companies at WorkBetter utilize some form of a hybrid model. “WorkBetter is at the frontier of Hybrid working – 90% of our clients are using the Hybrid Workplace solution, and almost all new inquiries we receive must support a hybrid clientele. This is the new model – this is the ONLY model that is working at the moment,” Aleksandrov asserts.

Profitability Concerns:

Addressing the concerns about hybrid models potentially diluting profitability, WorkBetter’s experience stands as a testament to the contrary. The Hybrid Workplace integration has not only enabled more efficient use of space but has also maintained profitability without imposing additional financial burdens on members. “Members are happy because they are able to make more efficient use of existing space, and WorkBetter is happy because they can keep these growing companies as clients,” Aleksandrov explains.

Operational Dynamics and Member Engagement:

The integration of OfficeRnD’s Hybrid solution has redefined WorkBetter’s operational dynamics and member engagement. Aleksandrov observes, “Having a hybrid working methodology can only benefit the community. Depending on the days, different groups can interact, increasing engagement and meeting room bookings, thus enhancing space revenue.”

Pricing Models and Member Satisfaction:

WorkBetter employs two pricing models for its hybrid integration. “If the client asks for such a tool and we know their customer satisfaction will increase, we give away the functionality for free. The most popular model, however, involves fixing a certain fee for this tool and adding a monthly amount to their bill,” Aleksandrov details. He emphasizes the importance of this extra profit in the growth and expansion of coworking spaces.

Future Disruptions in Coworking Spaces:

Looking towards the future, Aleksandrov believes AI will be the next major disruptor in coworking spaces, handling operational tasks and allowing employees to focus more on community engagement. Additionally, the concept of 15-minute cities, where offices are conveniently located, suggests a shift towards smaller, more widespread coworking spaces across cities and neighborhoods.


WorkBetter’s integration of OfficeRnD’s Hybrid Workplace solution demonstrates a successful adaptation to the changing needs of modern workspaces. By addressing operational challenges, enhancing member engagement, and maintaining profitability, WorkBetter stands as a model for future coworking operators.

  • Having a hybrid working methodology can only benefit the community. Depending on the days, people are coming in and different groups can interact. Having the chance for more people to be a part of our community increases engagement, more people are present, and more users can use all the functionality of your building.

    ScreenShot 2023-12-31 at 16.29
    Tony Aleksandrov
    CEO | Work Better

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