How Dewhirst Jump Started Their Hybrid Work Model





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About Dewhirst


Established in 1880 Dewhirst has been a leader in fashion design, development, sourcing and manufacture. They supply multi product clothing to a cross section of global retailers.

Dewhirst has achieved superior standards of service for their clients for more than a century. Since their story began, they have consistently evolved to meet modern market demands. The inherent driver behind our performance is a passion for the key values that define our business and your success. Their History dates back to the nineteenth century yet speaks of constant innovation.



Dewhirst was 100% in the office prior to Covid and they were forced to go 100% remote during the pandemic. No one could have predicted that getting employees back to the office would be such a challenge but a lot changes in 2 years; resources need to be managed, budgets revised and systems devised to effectively enable employees to collaborate in the office. That presented a host of challenges.

The OfficeRnD Hybrid platform makes hybrid work, work for Dewhirst by:

  • Allowing them to effectively coordinate a 23% desk to employee ratio and eliminate frustrations
  • Giving Dewhirst the ability to easily start a 100% hybrid work model
  • Encourage employees to come back to the office via smart scheduling for collaboration
  • Using in app announcements and events to promote community
  • Adopting a flexible platform that can change as hybrid work evolves for different job types
  • Eliminating friction in the back to work journey with a simple Teams integration
  • We needed integration with Microsoft Teams as all staff already have that on their phones, after that just a reliable system that's easy to use with excellent support. Excellent onboarding and support in the early days, after that it just works really well.

    Richard Theakston
    IT Manager - Dewhirst

Adopting a reliable and cost effective hybrid work model


Get people back to the office without frustration

After 2 years of remote work, Dewhirst needed a simple solution that eliminated confusion about when and where employees could work. A simple to use and view floor plan created a smooth transition. “We no longer have arguments about who is sitting where.”

Simplify workflows using existing tech stack

The entire team uses the MS Teams app so their hybrid work model solution had to integrate and make desk and room booking simple.

A solution that can change with the times

Dewhirst decided that face to face work in the office would be dictated by company requirements and individual staff needs so they needed a solution that could adjust with business demands.

Implementing a hybrid workplace management platform


Integrated with existing systems for ease of use

Dewhirst team members were already using logins for existing systems and it was important not to add complexity to those workflows.. The OfficeRnD integrations and SSO made using the system as simple as possible to use.

Fast to implement to get employees back to the office

Companies like Dewhirst didn’t get much notice that getting back to the office was an option so when Covid restrictions were easing, they wanted to provide employees a solution that allowed them to get face to face based on their needs. The OfficeRnD customer success team uses personalized onboarding to ensure goals are met.

Ease for employees to collaborate and eliminate office conflicts

For employees to want to go back to the office after 2 years of remote work, systems have to be easy and effective enough to encourage face to face work. OfficeRnD Hybrid provides simple desk and room booking directly through existing calendar systems with complete transparency to co-workers schedules. Arguments about “who sits where and when” were eliminated.

Effective at managing resources

The future of work is uncertain and the team at Dewhirst had limited resources with just .23 desks available per employee. Desk and room booking simplified by they OfficeRnD Hybrid software was exactly what they needed to manage limited resources.

  • We looked at 2 other systems and this was by far the best functionality and value. It covers everything we need and is easy to find where everyone is siting.

    Richard Theakston
    IT Manager - Dewhirst

See OfficeRnD Hybrid in Action

We’d love to show you how OfficeRnD Hybrid can help you manage the booking of desks, meeting space, visitor management and more.