Enable Advanced Presence Tracking Capabilities

Create employee check-ins with our system offering diverse presence tracking capabilities, ensuring efficient workplace utilization and simple ways for employees to comply.

The Importance of Effective Presence Tracking in the Workplace

Understanding who is in the office and managing space efficiently is critical in the hybrid work era. Our presence tracking capabilities offer a comprehensive solution to: 

  • Optimize workspace utilization and safety
  • Combat ghost bookings and enhance operational efficiency
  • Gather accurate data for informed workplace management decisions
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Automated Wi-Fi Check-in: Revolutionizing the check-in Experience

Transform your check-in process with automated Wi-Fi check-in. This innovative feature provides a seamless, automatic check-in experience, simplifying the process and offering accurate occupancy data.

  • Instant, automatic check-ins via office Wi-Fi connection
  • Simple, automated employee check-in 
  • Precise space utilization data for administrators
tracking presence in the office
Free Templates

Free Hybrid Work Templates and How to Thrive in Hybrid Work

This ebook is specifically tailored to organizations looking to embrace hybrid work. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, these templates and insights will empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your workplace for the future.

Online Check-in Options: Variety of Аlternatives

Employees can check in through various online platforms, making it incredibly convenient, easy, and flexible to manage their presence. Receive notifications and check in with just a click: 

  • Check-in via the web portal, native mobile app, and email
  • Available through Microsoft Teams
  • Available in the Slack App
officernd hybrid dash

Onsite Check-in Options: Convenience at All Steps

We offer methods that cater to different needs and preferences, enhancing the ease of managing physical presence in the office.

  • QR codes for easy desk and meeting room check-ins
  • Rooms app on tablets for convenient meeting space access
  • Reception app for alternative check-in upon arrival
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“OfficeRnD integrates easily into the Microsoft 365 Teams applications giving you an interactive floorplan interface. SSO and Outlook integration was an easy setup process. Customer Service, Technical Support and Onboarding has been stellar. This software meets our every requirement, which includes full Teams integration.”

Sarah Wells
IT Manager | Piedmont Lithium

Brivo Door Access Integration: Seamless Security and Check-in

Integrate Brivo door access for a secure and streamlined check-in experience. This feature allows effortless check-in into the workplace and reliable attendance tracking.

  • Secure entry with badge scanning
  • Streamlined check-in for all bookings
  • Reliable attendance tracking for accurate occupancy data
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We Are a Leader on G2

We’re thrilled to be awarded the Leader badges for Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems, Space Management and Hybrid Enablement.

“The reasons we went with OfficeRnD were the MS Teams integration, fast implementation without issues, great collaboration with OfficeRnD, everything worked as expected, and no concerns that the solution will cause issues in the future. It was also super easy to get started”

Thomas Sluka
IT Project Manager

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