Maximize Your Workplace Potential

Tailor your workspace perfectly to your organization's needs, creating an environment that employees love and utilize effectively.

Versatile Space Creation and Management

Craft and tailor every aspect of your workspace with comprehensive space management tools. Our platform allows you to create, manage and moderate various spaces, equipped with custom resources of your choice.

  • Create and manage diverse spaces tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Integrate and manage custom resources, either created or imported
  • Ensure each space is perfectly suited for its intended purpose
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Building a Right-fit Workplace for Enhanced Employee Experience

The design and functionality of your workplace significantly impact employee satisfaction and productivity. With OfficeRnD Hybrid you can construct a workspace that not only meets the needs but also resonates with your employees, fostering a positive and productive environment.

  • Customize spaces to align with employee preferences and needs
  • Develop an engaging and functional environment
  • Enhance overall workplace satisfaction and utilization
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Free Templates

Free Hybrid Work Templates and How to Thrive in Hybrid Work

This ebook is specifically tailored to organizations looking to embrace hybrid work. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, these templates and insights will empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your workplace for the future.

Dynamic Communication and Customization Features

Elevate your workplace experience with an array of communication and customization features. From organization-wide announcements to bespoke pages in the employee apps, tailor every aspect of your workspace digital experience:

  • Send organization-wide announcements for streamlined communication
  • Create custom pages in employee apps for a personalized experience
  • Tailor communication, notifications, and policies to your organization’s style
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Build a Reliable Internal Support System

Enable an internal ticketing system to address workplace needs effectively. Manage resources and support requests efficiently, ensuring smooth operations.

  • Utilize the internal ticketing system for prompt issue resolution
  • Manage workplace resources and requests with ease and precision
  • Help with ad-hoc requests or resolve office malfunctions quickly and efficiently

“OfficeRnD has an extensive list of features and configuration options, making the product well customizable to everyone's needs. The customer experience from sales to go live was helpful and responsive across the board.”

Lukas W.
G2 review

Engagement and Collaboration Enhancement

Foster a collaborative and engaged workplace with features like surveys, group initiatives and invitations. Our tools help you enhance team collaboration and suggest optimal days for office presence, encouraging a more cohesive work environment.

  • Conduct surveys to gather employee feedback and insights
  • Collaborative features to invite coworkers and plan office days
  • Suggest optimal days for in-office presence to enhance teamwork
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We Are a Leader on G2

We’re thrilled to be awarded the Leader badges for Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems, Space Management and Hybrid Enablement.

“OfficeRnD has helped us monitor the hybrid usage across the employees, besides surveys (track the difference between "expected/actual usage" and by whom).”

Lucas Worhl
Director of Operations

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