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Hybrid Work Policies

Set hybrid work policies, create schedules, measure, and improve your workplace

Streamline the hybrid work scheduling process via a hybrid work policies system

OfficeRnD Hybrid allows you to create advanced schedules by setting up the right days required to be in the office for your team or organization. Once set, you can decide if you want to make strict or loose hybrid working policies that will instruct how the system should nudge people to reserve desks and come to the office.

By relying on purpose-built hybrid work software, you can take the burden of managing hybrid schedules off your shoulders.


Understand how people are adopting hybrid work

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hybrid work. Every organization is unique, so every organization may quickly end up with a different hybrid office policy. The best way to craft yours is by measuring how people use space, then iterating and perfecting it.

OfficeRnD Hybrid Analytics will help you track how your workplace is evolving and how your organization is adopting the hybrid work model.

Policy compliance reports

Managers and HRs no longer have to track compliance manually. Automated dashboards and reports give you in-depth visibility into the performance of the policy. How are teams and employees doing against the policy? Who complies, and who is not? Does the policy need to change or adapt to better accommodate your company and employee needs? Base any decisions on real-life data!

Employee Reminders and Notifications

Everyone gets reminders that help follow the guidelines and meet the requirements through pop-up notifications both in the web portal and mobile app. Once you complete the target, a celebratory message appears, making compliance much easier and more fun!

Presence tracking and office check-ins

Understanding how people work is key in order to craft hybrid work policies that will be well-perceived and adopted. With presence tracking, you gain very deep insights and understand how and if people follow the hybrid work model policy. Therefore develop plans to adjust and improve them.

Using OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can automate office check-ins via WiFi, Access Control integrations, or using QR codes, as well as manual check-ins via all screens.

Fully Customizable Hybrid Work Policies

Your Support team needs to be in the office 2 days a week, your Marketing team needs to only be there 4 days a month, while Joe from accounting needs to be there 4 days/week? No problem. OfficeRnD Hybrid enables you to create customized policies for teams or even individual employees, so you can specify exactly how many times per week or month they need to be in the office. Flexible configuration is available so you can specify just the number of days (any day is fine) or which specific days (Tuesday and Thursday for example) are required.
Coordination of teams and employees has never been easier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hybrid workforce collaboration?
    Hybrid workforce collaboration is the process of people working efficiently together while some of them are in the office, and others are working remotely. Rather than sticking only to in-office or remote work, the hybrid work model offers modern companies the best of both worlds in one single approach. Continue reading about hybrid workforce here.
  • What are Hybrid work policies?
    Hybrid work policies are internal company documents that officialize all the arrangements and processes within a hybrid workplace, i.e., a workplace that allows both remote and on-site working. A hybrid work policy should outline your expectations and responsibilities for your hybrid workforce, and lay out a set of guidelines for hybrid workplace operations. That includes any requirements, processes, and best practices for employees to follow to determine their work hybrid work schedule inter-team and cross-team coordination. Continue reading about hybrid work policy and how to build yours.
  • Why my organisation needs a hybrid working policy?
    A well-defined hybrid work policy ensures the fair and consistent enforcement of all hybrid work rules. It acts as a rule book that describes the hybrid work schedule that employees need to follow while allowing room for agility. It also sets the company culture.
  • What to include in your hybrid working policies?
    Every hybrid working policy should include:
    • The work schedule and availability of employees
    • The reason behind the adoption of the hybrid work model
    • The hot desking or office hoteling etiquette
    • A clearly defined scope that shows the hybrid work processes and who’s impacted by them
    • Best practices for IT security and handling sensitive data when working remotely

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