Coworking CRM Software Tailored To Your Needs

Say goodbye to customer management hassles. Transform leads into profits, effortlessly navigate the customer journey, and boost client retention with advanced coworking CRM.

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Unleash Your Sales Potential and Drive Revenue Growth

Embark on a transformative journey from potential leads to profitable revenue, while maintaining a comprehensive view of your prospects’ journey:

  • See a list of all leads and easily convert them to customers.
  • Create custom opportunity pipelines to track your sales progress.
  • See pipeline revenue added on top of forecasted revenue.
  • Sync with Hubspot and other CRM’s
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Master Your Company and Member Management

Enjoy swift and effortless access to member and company details, enabling you to manage memberships, one-time charges, and more with ease.

  • Create and Manage coworking memberships related to a service or any physical resource.
  • Easily filter new movers and companies/members scheduled to leave within a given month.
  • Run reports on memberships including average length stay, churn, and more.
  • Get a quick view of a company’s balance and invoice statuses.
  • Access company related documents and contracts.
  • Click-through to the company’s location on the floor plan.
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Let Automation Rule The Contract Process with Prospects

Turn your contract process from a daunting task into a smooth operation. Offer members a broad selection of ready-made contracts and significantly reduce your workload with automated contract management.

  • Customize the layout of your contract to ensure the consistency of your brand experience
  • Automated eSign lets your prospects easily receive and sign your branded contracts
  • Set rules and approval workflows that apply to all contracts or kick-in under specific conditions such as the amount of a discount, stepped deals, rolling contracts and more
  • Manage and report on the complete lifecycle of your contracts. See the history of an account and which agreements are new, renewed, pending or terminated.
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Simplify Access with Automated Door Integrations

Let automation enhance your security and efficiency. Intuitive customer lifecycle management solution enables you to effortlessly manage door access for members and simplify the onboarding process for your team.

  • Sync members to access groups based on membership plans
  • Use OfficeRnD Member Mobile Access to open doors
  • Automatically remove access once membership is terminated
  • Access for meeting rooms on the hour
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“When you do something of this scale, you expect headaches to appear. The Kisi and OfficeRnD teams were very proactive and engaged in making sure the setup went well. We had a great rollout!”

James Crenshaw
CEO & Cofounder | Gather

Delight Guests with OfficeRnD Reception

Turn your reception experience from mundane to extraordinary. Use a white-label tablet app that fully automates and refines the member check-in and visitor management process, delivering a smooth and efficient experience.

  • Collect visitor and member information on entry
  • Notify members when their guests arrive for a meeting
  • See a list of all guests for the day and run guest reports.
  • Seamlessly accept deliveries and notify members
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Foster a Vibrant Coworking Community

Transform your coworking space into a thriving community. Cultivate relationships through online collaboration and promote community events and benefits with ease.

  • Use dashboards that expose timeline posts, show what’s new and upcoming today and highlight upcoming events (RSVP included).
  • Enable real-time collaboration with in-app messages or use OfficeRnD’s integration with Slack to allow members to start a chat with 1 click.
  • Create events with ease and allow members to RSVP to measure interest. Use OfficeRnD’s integration with Zapier to automatically push events you’ve created to multiple platforms such as Facebook and Eventbrite.
  • Showcase benefits and perks you’ve secured for your community.
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“There is no way we could have scaled our business to 8 locations without ORND. Typically we were spending $25k for coding when rewriting our website for each workplace we opened. ORND has us on a monthly plan that is WAY more cost effective, and the data, analytics, etc. that OfficeRnD allows is 10x what we would have ever built ourselves. It allows us to manage every single aspect of our business - booking rooms, managing memberships, selling offices and sending agreements.”

Bret B.
Director of Field Operations

Provide World-Class Customer Support

Let effective issue tracking boost your service excellence. Make it easy for members to submit tickets to the member app and operators can respond accordingly.

  • Enable members to submit issue requests on the go.
  • Track open and resolved issues.
  • Assign issues to different team members.
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Boost Revenue with an Online Shop

Your members portal is now a revenue-generating platform. Provide additional plans and products through a digital storefront in your members portal, creating new avenues for cash inflow.

  • Create branded shop for your members to browse in the member portal
  • Sell recurring services and one-off products in your branded shop
  • Create additional revenue streams by charging occupiers in a digital marketplace
coworking marketplace

“Having a central place to find out about members, space usage, contract management, and meeting room management saves time. I like the ability to easily add one-off fees to be added to the next bill run.”

Adam A.
Head of Operations

Optimize Food and Beverage Orders

Members can navigate the Marketplace to search for and purchase their preferred food, drinks, or services via the member portal or mobile app. Manage complex catering orders in both the Member and Admin portals with ease.

  • Create branded shop for your members to browse in the member portal
  • Sell recurring services and one-off products in your branded shop
  • Create additional revenue streams by charging occupiers in a digital marketplace
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Our Customers Love us

We're excited to announce that we've once again been recognized as a G2 Leader in Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking Systems, and Space Management categories!

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The single biggest reason I’d recommend OfficeRnD is the Support team along with the friendly user interface design that powers a software that does it all.... :)

Bamboo - Amanda Lewan Amanda Lewan
Co-founder & CEO | Bamboo

Learn About Coworking CRM Software

  • What is coworking customer lifecycle management software and how does it differ from a traditional CRM system?
    A coworking client lifecycle management software is specifically designed to help manage member interactions and relationships for coworking spaces. It typically includes features such as member and visitor management, billing and invoicing, and communication tools, as well as analytics and reporting. A traditional CRM system is designed for a wide range of businesses and may not have all the features specific to coworking and flex spaces.
  • Are there any customizable options for a coworking client lifecycle management platform to suit the unique needs of my coworking space?
    Yes, many coworking CRM systems offer customizable options such as the ability to add custom fields, create custom reports, and adapt the system to the specific workflow of the coworking space. This allows for flexibility in how the software is used and the ability to tailor it to the unique needs of the flex or coworking space. OfficeRnD Flex allows you to build custom opportunity pipelines to monitor sales progress. Besides, by using it, you have full control over the design of your contracts, which helps in maintaining brand consistency.
  • Is there a mobile app or mobile-friendly option for accessing OfficeRnD Flex on-the-go?
    Many customer lifecycle management systems including OfficeRnD Flex offer a mobile app or mobile-friendly web version, which allows managers and staff to access and update member information, check-in members, and manage other tasks on-the-go. For instance, you can use OfficeRnD Member Mobile Access to open doors. Besides, members can easily shop in the Marketplace and buy drinks, food, or services via a fast mobile app.
  • Can a coworking CRM be integrated with other systems such as billing and marketing software?
    Yes, many coworking client lifecycle management systems can be integrated with other software such as billing and scheduling platforms. OfficeRnD Flex, for example, syncs with Hubspot (and other CRMs) for easier lead management. This allows for seamless data transfer and eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • How does a client lifecycle management system help manage member interactions and relationships within coworking and flex spaces?
    A coworking CRM provides tools to manage and organize member and guest information, track member interactions and communication, and automate follow-up and engagement. Being a full-fledged client lifecycle management platform, OfficeRnD Flex provides options for smooth contract automation with potential prospects, selling plans and products in an online shop, and many others. It also allows coworking space managers to see a complete picture of their members' history, status, and activities, and easily identify the key contacts of the organization. All these features help in building a connected coworking community.

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